Your first day at UiO

On your first day at UiO, you will be introduced to your new workplace and colleagues. Your employing department or host unit will help you with practicalities like keys, access card and login information to get you started.

Welcome meeting with your employing department

Most units invite their new employees to a welcome meeting on their first day, followed by a short tour of the offices to see your new workplace and meet your colleagues. Some units operate with a buddy system. You should get in touch with your employing department to enquire about this.

Employee ID card

All staff and guest researchers for more than 3 months are issued with an employee ID card. Your employing department will make the necessary arrangements before your arrival, or provide you with a non-personal card on loan until the practicalities are sorted out. The employee ID card is both a piece of ID, a security key card, and a University Library lending card. You should carry it on you at all times.

Read more about how to obtain the Employee ID card and its functions.

University Library

Your employee ID card also functions as your University Library Lending card. Lending books from the University Library collections is free of charge.

Read more about the University Libraries.

IT services, printers and copying

The IT services will provide you with a permanent or temporary username and password to access the UiO infrastructure. Normally, your employing department or host unit will arrange this prior to your arrival, and can also provide you with information about printers and copying.

More information about IT-services and login information

Getting paid

University staff are paid on a monthly basis, with payments made directly to your bank account on the 15th of each month. You will find your payslip in the HR-portal. To help you understand your payslip, we refer you to the payslip guide.

Trade Union

A trade union is an association of employees within one or several enterprises or sectors.The most important tasks for a trade union is to safeguard their members’ interests and ensure employee participation at the workplace.The level of trade union membership varies greatly around the world. The Nordic countries top the list of membership density.

In the Norwegian public sector, of which the Universities is a part, the level of organization is at 80 %.

Read about Trade Unions at UiO

There – you are good to go!

The University of Oslo is large and diverse, with hidden little gardens, beautiful buildings and museums. Make sure to take some time to stroll around and explore them!

You might also want to check the complete A-Z for new employees on the For employees website.

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