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Energy saving at UiO

At the University of Oslo, we have long worked to reduce our energy consumption. High energy prices and increased costs has made it necessary to introduce new measures, with the aim of further reducing our usage. 

These are the measures

  • Lower temperature: Reducing the temperature in the buildings – not lower than 19 degrees. The measure will be adapted to activities in the buildings, such as research, lab activities, and museum storage facilities.  
  • Co-use: In some buildings there will be co-use of student areas and reading rooms after 4 PM, on premises where we maintain an indoor temperature of 19 degrees and ventilation after 4 PM. Ventilation in areas that are not in use will be switched off and the temperature lowered further after 4 PM. 
  • Electric cars: Temporary shutdown of electric car chargers with exceptions made for UiO´s service vehicles from November 14 2022. All affected charging points will be marked clearly. 
  • Simpler measures: Encourage students and staff to implement energy-saving measures such as turning off the lights.

Affected buildings

Here you will find information about UiO's buildings, opening hours and co-use. The overview will be updated consecutively as the Estate Department discusses the energy saving measures with each faculty.

Colourful leaves growing on a building at UiO


All measures have been discussed with the units, students and trade unions, and there will be close dialogue with safety representatives. No action will be taken until the Estate Department and the faculties have been in dialogue. 

Employees who need individual adaptation at their workplace must agree this directly with their immediate manager. 

The measures shall not affect the academic activities at the university.

Do you want to contribute?

  • Turn off the lights when the room is not in use. 
  • Wait until the dishwasher is full before starting it.  
  • Put your PC and monitor in saving mode before you leave for the day.


UiO has for many years worked actively to reduce energy usage in its buildings, both to cut its carbon footprint and to reduce costs. 

Since 2017, energy consumption in buildings has been reduced by approximately 25 percent. Several other measures are planned, and through its climate and environmental strategy UiO has committed to a cut in energy consumption of at least 30 percent.

Currently the costs associated with electricity and energy have skyrocketed, both nationally and internationally. Higher energy prices could give UiO additional expenses of NOK 130 million in 2022 and NOK 170 million in 2023 — according to forecasts.  

The planned additional measures are expected to result in savings of around NOK 35 million.


  • If you need individual adaptation at your workplace, you must clarify this with your immediate line manager.
  • Any comments or input regarding your physical work environment? Use the Speak up-system.
  • Faculties have their own contact persons regarding the learning environment. Overview found here.