Annual Celebration in the University Aula

You are welcome to join the University of Oslo's annual celebration in the Aula! Listen to the Rector's annual celebration speech, catch the short lectures with the University of Oslo's Award winners, as well as presentation of the awards, the greeting from the students, a conversation with two Nobel Peace Prize winners and enjoy music from the University Symphony Orchestra and Akademisk korforening, the official mixed choir at the University of Oslo. 


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Program in the  Aula 

  • Welcome by rector Svein Stølen
  • Short lecture with the University of Oslo's Award winners:
    •  The Research Award: Professor Sigrid Blömeke, UV
    •  The Young Researcher Award: Professor Karin Kukkonen; HF
    •  The Education Award: Professor Malcolm Langford, JUS
    •  The Dissemination Award: Professor Steinar Holden, SV
    •  The Innovation Award: Ørjan Grøttem Martinsen, MN
  • The five Awards are presented
  • His Royal Highness' Gold Medal is presented
    •  Ph.d. Wally V. Cirafesi, TF
    •  Ph.d. Anniken Sørlie, JUS
    •  Ph.d. Olav Kristianslund, MED
    •  Ph.d. Feroz Mehmood Shah, HF
    •  Ph.d. Audun Skaugen, MN
    •  Ph.d. Christina Louise Hvaring, OD
    •  Ph.d. Maren Toft, SV
    •  Ph.d. Hanne Næss Hjetland, UV
  • Conversation with the Nobel Prize winners Professor May-Britt Moser and Professor Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, moderated by Vice-Rector Per Morten Sandset
  • Greeting from the Students, by leader of the Student Parliament Christen Andreas O. Wroldsen
  • Music by Universitetets symfoniorkester and Akademisk korforening

Reception with light refreshments in Domus Bibliotheca 2.45-3.45 pm.

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