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Annual Festivities 2017

The University of Oslo (UiO) celebrated its 206th anniversary on Friday 1 September. The programme featured mini lectures and cake, a lunch with a cultural theme and the Kristine Bonnevie lectures.

The day concluded with a ceremony in the University Aula involving the conferment of honorary doctorates and the award of the UiO's four prizes and the King's gold medals.


UiOs four awards

The four winners of The University of Oslo’s annual awards held short, exciting mini lectures at Vilhelm Bjerknes house.

The Research Award:
Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen at the Department of Social Anthropology.
The Education Award:
The MOOC group's "Introduction to Norwegian" study programme run by Project Leader Erik Juriks at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies.
The Dissemination Award:
Professor Bernt Aardal at the Department of Political Sciences.
The Innovation Award:
Professor Unni Olsbye at the Department of Chemistry.

The ceremony at the University aula, involved the awards of the UiO's prizes and the King's gold medals, conferment of honorary doctorates, music and speeches.

Honorary doctors in the Aula

Rector Svein Stølen, in his speech, emphasized the importance and solemnity of the day.  We celebrate the establishment of our university, the academic achievements and outstanding efforts. Yvonne Sherwood, University of Kent, England spoke on behalf of the honorary doctorates and Jens Lægreid, President of the Student Parliament, held a speech on behalf of the students. Cultural contributions was provided by the University Symphony Orchestra, El Muro by Juan Villarreal and the Female Students' Choir.

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