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Norwegian Chamber Orchestra with Tora Augestad

A musician's guide to the galaxy of madness

Portrait photo of singer Tora Augestad

Photo: CJA

The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra presents a concert programme inpired bu the Baroque era's bizarre view on madness as entertainment.

The programme starts out with Telemann and Don Quixote, and continues via Purcell's Bess of Bedlam to Kurt Weill's Pirate Jenny. It will also pass through the dark nooks and crannies in the world of tango.

Guest this evening is singer Tora Augestad, known for her rare ability to move seamlessly between different musical periods with her own unmistakeable touch.


Iannis Xenakis / H. I. Biber: Entrata
Henry Purcell: Bess of Bedlam
John Eccles: Restless in thought
Georg Philipp Telemann: Don Quijote Suite
Ukjent: Regin
Anton Webern: 5 Movements for strings
Kurt Weill / Bertolt Brecht: Pirate Jenny from The Threepenny Opera
Friedrich Halländer: Münchausen
Mischa Spolidansky: Alles Schwindel


Artistic director: Terje Tønnesen
Tora Augestad – song
Stian Carstensen – accordion
Pål Hausken – percussion


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