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Cultural Lunch: Synne Sanden (pop)

Synne Sandens upcoming solo album «Imitation» is about being someone else, describing self-pity, inferiority and envy. In this concert, Synne plays solo with organ and piano and collaborates with contemporary dancer Ida Haugen. This will be naked, strong and raw.

Synne Sanden (photo: Linnea Syversen)

Free admission and open to everyone

Sale of coffee and waffles from 11:45


  1. Drained
  2. Vietnam
  3. Skeleton
  4. Imitation
  5. Wild Child
  6. Go on, torture me
  7. I rot


Synne Sanden – vocal, organ, piano
Ida Haugen – dance

About Synne Sanden

Synne Sanden is an exploratory and expressive pop artist who has found her way of writing about the shameful theme in a personal and distinctive way. Her new album «Imitation» is about being someone else. It is an honest description of self-pity, inferiority and envy, as well as admiration and inspiration to evolve. The lyrics of the album were written in and on the way out of a depression and contain both the darkness and the light. It's a journey through losing oneself in order to regain oneself and one's strength. Textually and musically the album is raw, genuine and uncompromising. It contains voice blur and soul blur, explosions and sore reflections. Synne's album and concerts are styleless and accommodate a great sense of emotion from the delicate to the wild. The album is produced by Thomas Dybdahl, Bugge Wesseltoft, Lars Fremmerlid and Synne herself.

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