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We have many researchers and lecturers working on LHBTQ themes, gender and sexuality, see overview (Norwegian).

Here we present some relevant research projects and research groups with a queer perspective.

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Law

  • Gender identity and sexual orientation in international and national (Norwegian) law
    Department of Public and International Law
    The project examines the situation of people who do not fit into the traditional binary gender model. The focus is on the right to legal identity, the right to health, and the right to dignity, integrity and self-determination.
    • The project has been completed, but is followed up by the book project «LHBTI persons' right to recognition, self-determination and equality» led by Anne Hellum and Anniken Sørlie.
    • Phd candidate Anniken Sørlie was affiliated with this research group through the thesis The right to gender identity – a grounded life cycle perspective which was awarded H.M. The King's gold medal in 2019 and is available online, follow the link above.
  • May-Len Skilbrei, head of department at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, has spent the last ten years working on issues of migration, gender and immigration policy. She has led or participated in research projects on return migration, irregular migration, marriage migration and Norwegian immigration policy. Her current research is primarily about sexual violence as a policy field and area of law.

Faculty of Medicine

  • Biomedicalization from the Inside Out
    This project is divided into five sub-projects and looks at four related stories of illness and power. The sub-projects will further be integrated into a broader study of the intersection of biomedicalisation and social medicine. PhD candidate Ketil Slagstad is associated with this group with the sub-project "Biomedicalization of Transgender: Sex and Gender in Postwar Medicine".

  • Community-based organising against HIV among same-sex attracted men in Tanzania
    Institute of Health and Society
    This ethnographic study explores nascent community-based work against HIV among same-sex practicing men in Tanzania. With men as co-investigators it aims to portray, understand and learn from the ways in which HIV prevention activism is created, engaged with and perceived. Kåre Moen is a central researcher in this project.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Theology

  • Authoritative texts and their reception (ATTR-Research Group, ATTR Research School)
    The research group analyzes processes, methods and history related to the interpretation of authoritative texts in the broad sense, from legal and religious to cultural and literary texts, with a special focus on interdisciplinary work with theory and methodology.
    • PhD candidate Andreas Ihlang Berg is affiliated with this reasearch group through the project «Same sex marriage as assimilation or equality through difference: A Gay Theological discourse on intimate relationships».

Centre for Gender Research

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