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Pride House: Masks and Resistance - The Gay and Media from 1940 to Today

OsloMet researcher Anders Gjesvik and former UiO researcher Hans Wiggo Kristiansen highlight the complex relationship between the gay and the media over the past 80 years. How was it to live under such conditions? Which strategies were chosen in the private sphere and organisationally? How do the gays appear in the media today? After the presentations, Turid Eikvam, a former office manager at UiO and a long-time member of the editorial board of the gay magazine «Løvetann» (Dandelion), will moderate a dialogue between the speakers and the audience.

Note: Please be aware that the speakers will give their presentations in Norwegian.

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From the left: Turid Eikvam, Anders Gjesvik and Hans Wiggo Kristiansen will give us an exciting insight into how gays were presented in the media from 1940 until today. Photo montage: UiO

«From Faceless Villain to Visible Hero» by Anders Gjesvik

In the 1950s, the gay man was portrayed in the papers as a pervert who seduced the youth to become gay. The women were overlooked. This presentation is about how the gays in the media evolved from villain to victim and ultimately hero, and how gays in the newspapers today struggle between themselves to define what it is to be gay.

«Masks and Resistance» by Hans Wiggo Kristiansen

Based on a large number of interviews and searches in historical archives, this presentation deals with how gays and lesbians still managed to create liveable lives in Norway during the decades around World War II - through, among other things, discretion, networks and what can be called masked resistance.

Dialogue between the speakers and the audience

About the speakers

Anders Gjesvik is a lecturer in journalism at OsloMet and researches how gays are presented in the media.

Hans Wiggo Kristiansen is a social anthropologist and has written a doctoral degree based on older homo- and bisexual men's life stories. He has also written the book «Masks and Resistance – Discreet Gay Life in Norway 1920-1970» (Masker og motstand – Diskré homoliv i Norge 1920-1970) which, among other things, deals with the beginning of gay organisation in Norway in the 1950s and 1960s.


Turid Eikvam ( (Norwegian), activist, long-time member of the editorial board in the journal Løvetann and primusmotor for network for research on homosexuality and former office manager at UiO

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