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Student exchange possibilities spring semester 2021

The University of Oslo will facilitate student exchange in Europe in the Spring semester 2021. However, the continuing uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 situation means that UiO will not open for exchange outside Europe.

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All exchange in the Autumn semester 2020 was cancelled in May due to COVID-19. It has now been decided that we will open for inbound and outbound exchange within Europe (except Russia) in the Spring semester 2021. The decision has been made after consultations with both student representatives and faculty management.

We are pleased that we can once again offer a semester abroad to our students. We are an internationally oriented university and we want our students to experience the value of crossing national, linguistic and cultural boarders, says rector Svein Stølen.

Students who want to exchange in Europe will have to apply by the previously announced deadline 15 September. Students who already applied for a partner university outside of Europe can change their application by the same deadline. Those who receive an offer for exchange in Europe will receive more information about the application process both from the host university and from UiO and must relate to these.

No exchange outside Europe

There is much uncertainty related to exchange outside Europe, such as travel restrictions and the possibility of returning to Norway if necessary. Several of UiO partner universities outside Europe have already cancelled exchange for the Spring semester 2021, and the number is increasing. Many partner universities across the globe are also unable to confirm to what extent they will be able to provide a normal offer of teaching. Based on this, UiO maintains that exchange outside Europe cannot be carried out.  

Positive that exchange is offered

We are very happy that the focus of UiO is to give the students predictability, and an academic offer of high quality while they are on exchange. This is something that is difficult to guarantee right now, especially for exchange to destinations outside of Europe. We therefore fully understand the decision to facilitate exchange within Europe only, says leader of the Student Parliament, Runa K. Fiske.

Published Sep. 10, 2020 4:01 PM - Last modified Sep. 11, 2020 9:58 AM