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A two-meter distance and open reading rooms during Easter week

The government is introducing two-meter social distancing or the use of facemasks where distancing is not possible. The reading rooms at UiO will be adapted to this from 25 March. 

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Reading rooms are available during Easter.

This week, the university opened reading rooms in Eilert Sundt, Vilhelm Bjerknes, Sophus Bugge, Domus Juridica, as well as master reading room seats. Tuesday 23 March, the government introduced stricter national Covid-19 measures. 

Open during Easter week 

A recommendation is that there should be a social distance of two meters between people (introduced from 25 March). The reading rooms and booking system will be adapted to this on 24 March.

Master reading room seats have also been opened and the faculties will provide more information as soon as they have assessed seating arrangements for their students.  Seats can be booked here.

The reading rooms will be open some of the days during Easter week. See opening hours.

Covid-19 test stations 

The test stations in Frederikkebygningen and Professorboligen are open until 31 March. See opening hours. 

Digital teaching 

At UiO, there will be digital teaching until 12 April. Practice training, skills training, and lab training are carried out in accordance with the infection control regulations.  

– We are adapting this to the new recommendations on social distancing and the use of facemasks. Students will be notified of any changes via their study respective programs, says Stølen. 


Students with disabilities and special needs are entitled to individual accommodation. 

Students who have not already been granted an adapted reading space may use the application form for facilitation in everyday study life.

Home office  

Employees should still, as far as possible, work from home. See updated information regarding current rules. 




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