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Reading rooms, libraries and buildings opening for students

The University of Oslo is opening reading rooms, libraries and buildings for students from 18 February.

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At a press conference Tuesday 16 February, the government stated that as of 18 February they are repealing the strengthened Covid-19 measures in the Eastern Norway area. 


Students will have access to the university buildings as of 18 February with a card and code. Reading room seats must be booked in advance. The reservation system will open so that reservations can be made as of tomorrow (17 February). Here there will also be information about which reading rooms are opening. This website will be updated with information about booking on 17 February: Study life - University of Oslo (

At a time when others are allowed to go on winter vacation, we are very happy on behalf of the students that they now have access to reading rooms and areas on campus. It means a lot to their everyday study life, says Rector Svein Stølen at the University of Oslo.

Infection control

The government emphasised the importance of general infection control – please see more information: Infection prevention measures - University of Oslo (

If you suspect that you might be infected with Covid-19, or if you have any symptoms, please see information: Suspected or confirmed illness - University of Oslo (

Now that we are reopening the buildings, we must be responsible and adhere to infection control rules and regulations. We must do what we can to prevent any Covid-19 outbreaks at UiO, says Stølen.

More physical teaching?

When it comes to physical teaching, we will come back with more information. 






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