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Ready for start of studies

11 000 new students are welcome to The University of Oslo on Monday. Students will be exempt from social distancing requirements during teaching. Readingrooms and activities during study start will maintain social distancing of one meter.

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11 000 students will enter campus on Monday. Photo:Jarli/Jordan

The Government will exempt students from social distancing requirements during teaching.

- I am glad this means that we can use all our classrooms in a normal way and offer our students much more in-person teaching, says rector Svein Stølen.  

UiO has planned for a mix of in-person teaching and some digital teaching. The faculties have chosen that courses with small groups will be in-person, while large lectures in some instances will be digital. In our reading rooms we will maintain social distancing of one meter and seats will still have to be booked. Class presence will still be registered in case of infection tracing.

As for our first week, start of studies, we will on Monday follow the plans we have already made. 1300 buddies and our study programs are inviting new students to lots of fun and many activities on campus. Check out a detailed program here.

Phd able to enter the country

From 12 a.m., midnight before Sunday 15 August, persons accepted to a PhD at a Norwegian institution will be able to enter the country again. They will have to follow the same test and quarantine rules as those arriving from  third countries. 

Buildings reopen on Monday

From Monday on doors will be unlocked and you will no longer need your ID card and code to enter, except for doors where entry is limited. 

Your place of work

Oslo municipality ended the work from home requirement on 5 July.

- As much as is possible, we welcome employees back to campus. We are now transitioning over to normalcy, where our main place of work will be our facilities at UiO, says Stølen.

- As of now we are upholding the one meter social distancing requirement.  The University will be flexible as we reopen. We are in Step 3 of the reopening plan, which allows for an extended presence at work, where infection control routines and working from home can be used if necessary, says Stølen.

The immediate manager is responsible for assessing who should be present in the workplace and how arrangements for working from home can be carried out in dialogue with  the employee. These assessments must consider tasks to be performed, infection control measures, and person capacity in buildings etc. In this phase it is still sufficient to have an oral agreement about working from home. 


Published Aug. 13, 2021 4:01 PM - Last modified Oct. 12, 2021 9:39 AM