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The government allows a few students back on campus

The government allows some students who need skills training or access to experiments back on campus, to prevent them for being delayed in their education, to attend physically from 3 February for an initial period until 10 February.

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The campus at the University of Oslo is still closed to students. Employees follow the rules for working life in general. All ordinary teaching and planned events will continue to be either postponed or offered digitally.

Trial and skills training

The Government informs on 30 January 2021 that they allow the university to provide access to  campus for a small group of students with crucial needs for access to premises to perform experiments and skills training, in order to maintain their study progression.

This applies:

- Access to premises for experiments in laboratories

- Skills training before the students go into practice and which cannot be performed digitally

We are pleased that access to laboratories is being opened up for a small group of students, mainly at master's level, who are at the end of their studies. This group of students has been hit hard and we are pleased that the government allows us to open for students who need access to these facilities , says Rector Svein Stølen. - This is important for UiO as a research-intensive university. We are also happy for the opening of skills training.


The management and the faculties are considering further clarifications on the local implications on Monday and the students will receive information from their study program about the rules that apply.


The university library is closed to students, but has digital ressources and are preparing a pick-up solution for books etc.  Korona: information from the University Library - University Library (

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