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The library in Georg Sverdrup's house reopening on Monday

The library in Georg Sverdrup's house will reopen for students and staff from Monday 12 April.

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The library at Georg Sverdrup´s house is reopening on Monday.

After being closed for some tome due to the Covid-19 situation, the library in Georg Sverdrup´s house is reopening for the booking of reading room seats – albeit with a reduced number of seats due to new distance requirements. The group study rooms are closed.

Reservations must be made in advance in TP: Room booking.

The desk in the library will be staffed for a few hours every day. There will be security guards present regularly at the entrance and in the library throughout the opening hours.

In addition to the 244 reading room spaces in the library At Georg Sverdrup´s house that will be available on Monday, reading room spaces in Eilert Sundt's house, Vilhelm Bjerknes´s house, Fysikkbygningen, and Sophus Bugge's house at Blindern campus are already in use.

Other reading rooms have also already been opened for certain student groups: Farmasibygningen, Kristine Bonnevie´s house, Domus Medica, Domus Juridica, Domus Academica, Harald Schjelderup's house, Harriet Holter's house, PA Munch's house, Børrestueveien 3, Ole-Johan Dahl's house, and Georg Morgenstierne's house.

Rector Svein Stølen is pleased that the library at Georg Sverdrup´s house will be available to both students and staff once again.

– During the pandemic, we have always strived to be as open as possible and as closed as necessary. It is good to see that we are reopening more and more reading rooms, he says.

See updated corona information from UiO

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