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At least 10 cases with COVID-19 (week 41)

During week 41, the University of Oslo has been notified of at least 10 cases of confirmed Covid-19.

  • UiO has received information at least six students at the Department of Physics have been confirmed as infected with COVID-19. The infection tracing team has contacted all students and staff who have been in contact with the infected individuals, and those for whom it has been deemed necessary to take quarantine measures. This might have further consequences for teaching or work practices at the department. Please follow information on e-mail closely.

  • UiO has received information that two students at the Faculty of Educational Sciences have been infected with COVID-19. The students have been in practice at a school. The schools has been notified and infection tracing has been implemented.

  • UiO has received information that one employee at the Faculty of Educational Sciences has been infected with COVID-19. Close contacts have been notified.
  • UiO has received information that one student at the Faculty of Medicine has been confirmed infected with COVID-19. The Faculty assists the district medical officer in infection tracing. Close contacts among the students and staff are quarantined and recommended for testing. Oslo University Hospital has been notified.


UiO does not have a total overview of the number of Covid-19 infections, but is well prepared to handle cases where there is a need for information and for measures to be put in place in order to prevent the spread of infection. The instances mentioned here are thus only instances where the person in question has resided at UiO and affected persons have been notified.

– There will be infection at an institution as large as UiO, and we are concerned with initiating measures to prevent outbreaks. There may be cases where employees and students are infected, but have not stayed at UiO. In such instances, initiating measures is not required. We work well with the infection tracking teams in the municipality, who notify us in cases where students or employees have stayed on campus during the period that they have been contagious, said Johan Løberg Tofte, acting Director of HSE and Emergency Preparedness at UiO.

Published Oct. 5, 2020 7:43 PM - Last modified Dec. 26, 2021 4:09 AM