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Physical teaching in small groups and reopening of student cellars

The faculties can plan for physical teaching for up to 20 people, and student pubs and basements for reopening, as of Monday 1 March.

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UiO is planning for physical teaching in smaller groups, and student pubs and cellars may plan for reopening. Photo: UiO/Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

– It is very gratifying that we can open up for physical education in small groups, and that the basements and pubs can plan for reopening. Everything must be done in accordance with the infection control rules, and I really trust that it will go well. So far, we have not had any cases of infection transmission on campus, says Rector Svein Stølen.

The current arrangement for libraries and reading rooms continues: there is access to the libraries with cards and codes, and reading room places can be booked. Silurveien is open for exams.

– UiO adheres to Oslo municipality's guidelines on working from home. Campus is open to employees, but they must work from home as far as practically possible, says Stølen.

To assist Oslo Municipality in its infection detection work, the university has an overview of students who book reading room seats. The faculties must also have an overview of who participates in physical teaching and collaborate with the infection tracing team and HMSB.

– We continuously monitor what guidelines emerge from national and municipal authorities. Changes may occur as a result of this, Stølen concludes.

Published Feb. 25, 2021 3:13 PM - Last modified Feb. 25, 2021 3:13 PM