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The best apply to UiO

The most attractive studies at the University of Oslo are the professional educations in medicine, psychology and dentistry, as well as law, the Honours programme and philosophy, politics and economics. The point limits for admission are increasing, and there are high application numbers for UiO's entire academic breadth.

Cheering students in sports clothes in front of Kjemibygningen during the buddy week

Photo: UiO/Jarli&Jordan

Of 19,331 applicants, 11,311 have been offered study places in the autumn of 2021. The point limits for entering the most attractive studies at the University of Oslo are increasing. In Norway, UiO has the largest number of study programmes (18) that require more than 60 points to enter the ordinary quota.

– It is very important to recruit such good applicants, and we are happy that the country's best university students will study with us. The professional educations such as medicine, psychology and dentistry, as usual, attract many of the best students. In addition, it is gratifying that UiO's new interdisciplinary educations such as the honours programmes and «Philosophy, Politics and Economics» are among our most attractive offers, says vice-rector Gro Bjørnerud Mo.

High application numbers for all study programmes

On the list of the most popular programmes, we also find law/jurisprudence (Norwegian), informatics: digital economics and management (Norwegian), as well as the one-year studies in philosophy (Norwegian) and interdisciplinary gender studies (Norwegian). At the same time, the University has high application numbers for all 107 study programs in this admission.

– To meet the challenges and competence needs of the future, we need to educate students in a number of subjects. UiO's educations provide in-depth knowledge, but we also provide the opportunity for students to gain more perspectives through more interdisciplinary studies and collaboration. With us, students work closely with the best researchers and gain access to the latest knowledge in many different fields. These are some of the reasons why it is very important that we continue to recruit well-qualified students to the large academic breadth we find at UiO, says Bjørnerud Mo.

Slight increase in older applicants

Of the total number of applicants (19,331), most are 20 years or younger (17,282). This is a slight decrease from 2020 when there were 19,256 applicants. In the age groups over 20 years, the number of applicants is stable, while in the group over 30 years there is an increase of almost 800 applicants from 5056 in 2020 to 5831 in 2021.

– Among other things, there is a large number of applications for the year units. These help to provide important competence addition also to the more mature students and respond to some of the needs for offers within lifelong learning, says Bjørnerud Mo.

New interdisciplinary studies for the most motivated

The honours programme (Norwegian) was offered for the first time in 2019 for the most motivated students and has now been expanded with a social science major (Norwegian) in 2021. This year, 2216 have applied for the honours programmes that provide students with a solid academic platform in science, social sciences or humanities, while they gain experience working in interdisciplinary teams and projects. In addition, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Norwegian) are still among the most attractive studies. There, students learn about what a good society is, how it should be organised, what is a fair distribution of benefits – and how we can achieve it. 1115 qualified applicants applied for the program, which has 25 study places.

Key figures for UiO

  • 19,331 first-choice applicants for study offers at UiO (1654 fewer than last year, but 321 more than in 2018)
  • 11,311 have been offered a place (7031 women, 4280 men)
  • 3 first-choice applicants per study place
  • UiO is the educational institution with the most application alternatives with a point limit above 60 points in the ordinary quota (18 study programmes).

UiO's study programs with the highest point limits

Study programme Ordinary quota Quota for first choice
Medicine, autumn 69,5  62,0 
Medicine, spring 68,6  60,8 
Psychology, autumn 67,8  58,3 
Dentistry 67,0  59,0 
Psychology, spring 66,6  57,0 
Honours programme, majoring in science 66,3  62,8 
Philosophy, politics and economics 65,0  59,8 
Honours programme, social sciences 63,6  60,0 
Law, autumn 63,5  56,5 
Psychology, year unit 63,5  55,1 
Law, spring 62,0  54,8 
Honours programme, humanities, philosophy, linguistics 62,0  57,1 
Philosophy, year unit 61,8  52,1 
Interdisciplinary gender studies, year unit 61,7  51,9 
Informatics: digital economics and management 61,2  53,5 
Clinical nutrition 61,1  53,4 
Criminology, year unit 60,6  54,8 
Art history and visual studies, year unit 60,3  49,6 
Published July 23, 2021 10:00 AM - Last modified July 23, 2021 10:02 AM