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The university is still open

Monday 13 December, the government introduced new Covid-19 measures. – I am happy that the university can remain open. The measures have little consequence for UiO, as we already largely adhere to what is in the new regulations and recommendations from the government, says Rector Svein Stølen. 

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The University is open and research and teaching will be maintained. Facilitation will be made for mre digital teaching. Libraries and reading rooms are open. It is now mandatory to wear face masks in libraries and at indoor events. The measures come into effect at midnight between 14 and 15 December and will last for four weeks.

– It is important to remain as open as possible out of concern for the students, who as far as possible must be protected from sitting in isolation in cramped dormitories. The same goes for researchers who need to be in laboratories and other such places to get their work done, says Stølen.


Exams have almost ended and they are almost all digital. A small minority is physical and are held in accordance with infection control rules at Silurveien with a social distancing of at least one metre. In connection with postponed exams, Silurveien has now been changed to half capacity in January and February with requirements for social distancing.

Teaching in the spring semester

The government is asking universities to facilitate for digital teaching to a larger degree. Students who depend on completing experiments, laboratory activities or skills training in order not to be delayed in their studies should be given priority for physical education.

– It is important to maintain some physical offerings in smaller groups to ensure a good learning environment and psycho-social well-being, and UiO´s faculties are planning for teaching and exams in the spring semester in accordance with this, says Stølen.

The faculties must ensure good communications with their students, so that the students know what to expect from the start of the spring semester.

Receiving new students

UiO will welcome about 600 foreign students in January. The quarantine hotel arrangement is maintained, and UiO facilitates for digital events and outdoor gatherings wherever possible. Restrictions applying to various countries are continuously updated – please refer here for information

Home office

The university is open. Employers must ensure that employees work from home if this is practically possible and not an obstacle to important and necessary activities in the workplace. Research and education, as well as other activities, will be maintained, and facilitation will be made for necessary operations.

Events and serving of alcohol

It is not allowed to serve alcohol, neither indoors nor outdoors. Pubs and cellars cannot serve alcohol, but may remain open according to rules for restaurants or events as such.

Please refer here for more information


Published Dec. 14, 2021 2:01 PM - Last modified Dec. 14, 2021 2:02 PM