University of Oslo with new visual profile

– Our new design will safeguard the university's strong position both nationally and internationally. It is designed to work well on all digital platforms and give the units greater flexibility to express themselves,  ensuring a holistic approach, says Communications Director Berit Kolberg Rossiné. 

PC and mobile phone with the front page of

The new design will first be used on digital platforms, and from 9 March, will get a new look. Everything has been developed with the idea that it will work well digitally, while also being the basis for our profile in other areas. 

The design is developed to create a modern and user-friendly expression where the University of Oslo is a clear sender.  

–  We have a multitude of voices and subjects, and communicate with many different target groups from many different units. Therefore, it is important for us to have a simple, clear and holistic design, at the same time as the various units have greater flexibility to express their uniqueness, says Rossiné. 

The users have been involved 

The new design meets the requirements for universal design so that it can be used by everyone. A comprehensive and clear information architecture has been developed on digital platforms that preserves location and navigation throughout the entire architecture. 

 Through user tests, dialogue, surveys and statistics, both internal and external users have been able to share their needs. The final result is based on several rounds of systematic testing and adjustment.  

– This has been a process in which,  to a large extent, we have allowed the users of to influence the final result, says Rossiné. 

Renewed logo and new design elements 

The new logo consists of the university´s name featured in capital letters over two lines. A traditional font has been used to mark the university´s more than 210-year-old history, and the seal ("Apollo") will continue to be part of our profile. 

Red and black are kept as important colors. In addition, the palette has been expanded with colors taken from campus and university buildings. This gives a brighter expression with more options. 


The roll-out to other platforms such as signs and printed surfaces will take some time. Most will be in place before the start of studies in the autumn, while some things will take longer to replace. 

The new design has been developed by the Department of Communications and External Relations and USIT, in collaboration with the design agency Bleed. The University of Oslo has spent NOK 1.6 million on the development of logos and digital design elements. In addition, there is the use of internal resources. 

–  Further changes will be made within the ordinary budget framework by our own employees, and the changes will be made as quickly as possible, says Rossiné. 


Published Mar. 9, 2021 2:14 PM - Last modified Mar. 9, 2021 2:14 PM