Easing of Covid-19 measures: More physical education

Thursday 13 January, the government announced an easing of Covid-19 measures. This means it will be possible to offer more physical education to the students.

Students can now return to campus to recieve more physical education. Photo: Jarli&Jordan

– I am very happy that we – to an even greater extent – can welcome our students back to an open campus! We had hoped that the government would give us an exemption from the social distancing requirement of 1 metre, but we will utilise the room to manoeuvre that the relief provides us with to the full, says Rector Svein Stølen.

He reminds everyone that it is still important to adhere to infection rules and regulations (Norwegian Institute of Public Health)

Campus is open

The University of Oslo is open. The government recommendations means that physical education can be offered to groups of up to 30 in smaller rooms, with a social distancing of 1 metre. The government allows for some deviation from the social distancing requirement if this is necessary in order to carry out the teaching. Lectures can be attended by 200 people, with social distancing.

The government recommends designated seats, but allows for our previous practice in auditoriums with good infection control and opportunities for infection tracking. We therefore ask students to adhere to what is instructed on the premises when they attend a lecture.  

– We look forward to getting more students back on campus. We know this is important for both learning and for psychosocial well-being, says Stølen.

Students who are dependent on completing experiments, laboratory activities, or skills training are still prioritised for physical presence, but here there is room for far more.


Physical exams are held in Silurveien 2 in January and February. About fifty percent of the seats are being used, and there is good physical distance between the students.

Face masks and self-tests

It is mandatory to use a face mask in all situations when it is not possible to uphold a social distancing of 1 metre. Exceptions are made for lectures and normal teaching situations. UiO is working to provide more self-tests. If we do not have a sufficient number of tests for distribution, students who are doing skills training, lab work or similar will be given priority, as well as employees who must be physically present at work to ensure operations. There will be more information about this.

Receiving new students

UiO is receiving about 600 foreign students in January. UiO facilitates for physical and digital events and indoor and outdoor events where possible. Restrictions applying to different countries are continuously updated, and updated information can be found here.

Employees and the work place

The government sees activities at universities and colleges as a high priority, and home office arrangements must be organised accordingly so that this activity can be carried out. Employees must work from home if this is practically possible and not an obstacle to operations and prioritised activities in the workplace. Research, education and other activities must be ensured as well as necessary operational functions. Facilitation for the physical presence of PhD students and postdocs is a priority, ensuring their professional progression. It is up to the individual line manager in dialogue with the employee / employees to assess the presence and use of home office accordingly. See more in UiO's guidelines for remote work.

Contingency plans for high absenteeism

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health expects high infection rates in the time to come. Faculties, libraries and museums must therefore review their contingency plans to ensure the maintenance of important functions even at a higher level of sick leave among employees.

Events and serving of alcohol

Student pubs and cellars may stay open and serve alcohol, and adhere to the national infection rules and regulations. See here for more information on events




Published Jan. 14, 2022 4:06 PM - Last modified Jan. 14, 2022 4:06 PM