The situation in the Research Council of Norway – some clarifications


Rector Svein Stølen and Vice-Rector Åse Gornitzka specify two issues that have arisen as a result of the Research Council's request to postpone the progress of Research Council-funded projects.

Photo: Jarli & Jordan/UiO

The budget challenges in the Research Council are demanding. The Research Council recently sent out an email to 303 projects at the University of Oslo, informing them of the possibility of postponements in the projects. It is up to each project manager to respond to the request, but our clear advice is to put the concern for our research first. It means.  

1) if there are delays in the projects, you must, as always, request postponements / shifts in the use of resources
2) if you find it expedient to postpone a project or extend the project period, there is now an opportunity you can take advantage of
3) otherwise it is up to the project manager/institute to assess each individual project. The University of Oslo will not put any pressure on the project manager for postponement. Research is the priority.

Upcoming awards

There will be allocations of projects to several of the Research Council's programs in early autumn. Here, project payments will only be possible from the summer of 2023. However, we hope that more units will have the opportunity to start these projects before the project payments start. It obviously depends on the units' financial situation, but this should be possible for units with lower consumption. A clear signal to potential applicants for positions may be wise, given the uncertainty that has been created.


Published June 28, 2022 12:29 PM - Last modified June 28, 2022 12:29 PM