Freezing research cooperation

Norway to suspend research cooperation with Russia. 

The Government of Norway has suspended research and education cooperation with Russia due to Russia's war in Ukraine. 

  • The Ministry of Education and its subordinate agencies have suspended all dialogue with Russian authorities. This includes the University of Oslo.
  •  The Norwegian Research Council's joint calls for proposal with Russia have been stopped.
  • The Norwegian-Russian education agreement is suspended.
  • The research agreement with Russia that is ready but not yet adopted is put on hold.
  • Norway will also consider whether there is a need to further suspend cooperation and is following the discussions in Brussels about which consequences this will have for Russian participation in Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe.

The right thing to do

Hender som holder i laboratorieutstyr
Foto: UiO

"We believe that suspending institutional academic cooperation as a clear reaction against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, is the right thing to do," says Rector Svein Stølen.

"At the same time researchers must maintain dialogue across borders. Many Russian researchers are brave and strong opponents of Putin's regime and need information from us about the war's development despite the risk this poses to them and their families," says Stølen.


Published Mar. 4, 2022 2:05 PM - Last modified Mar. 4, 2022 2:05 PM