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Refugee researchers

We are working on solutions to offer Ukrainian refugee researchers temporary academic positions at the University of Oslo.

EU fellowships for employing Ukrainian researchers

EU has set aside 25 million EUR for a fellowship programme for Ukrainian scholars in exile. The programme will be implemented by Scholars at Risk Europe and partners. The university may apply on behalf of named Ukrainian scholars. The call will be announced in September 2022, but preliminary information is available at the Scholars at Risk Europe web page.
UiO units planning to apply should inform the SAR institutional contact person at UiO. This initiative is not for students, only for researchers and PhD candidates in the final stage of their degree. The fellowship period is up to two years.

Temporary special scheme for Ukrainian researchers

The purpose of the scheme is to provide Ukrainian researchers with the opportunity to continue their work in Norway while developing networks and identifying opportunities for future careers within or outside of academia.

The applications must be submitted by the units at UiO on behalf of the researcher.

Read more on the temporary scheme here

Support to researchers from Russia, Belarus and other countries outside of Ukraine

Researchers who are affected by the war, but who are not covered under Norway's temporary collective protection scheme for people displaced from Ukraine, may be considered under the ordinary SAR system and the Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF). This will apply to Russians, Belarusians and potentially some individuals residing in Ukraine who are not Ukrainian citizens. Such researchers need to apply for assistance through or

In addition, colleagues at UiO may inform the local SAR contact,, about their connections to the University of Oslo.

Information to refugee students can be found here

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