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Hanne Bjerknes

Candidate for the University Board among technical and administrative staff.

Hanne Bjerknes, Senior Adviser, Administrative Services, Faculty of Medicine.

Nominated by:

  • Liv Prestgård, Senior Executive Officer, Administrative Services, MED
  • Kristine Mangerud, Senior Executive Officer, Administrative Services, MED
  • Elin Lunde, Senior Executive Officer, Administrative Services, MED
  • Grethe Thrane Johansen, Adviser, UiO:Life Science
  • Marcella Orwick Rydmark, Senior Adviser, Department of Research and Collections, NHM
  • Astrid Skiftesvik Bjørkeng, Senior Adviser, Faculty of Dentistry
  • Ingun Marie Bjørkelund, Senior Executive Officer, Administrative Services, MED
  • Øyvind A. Berg, Senior Executive Officer, Administrative Services, MED
  • Nina Mino Thorud, Senior Executive Officer, NJORD Centre for Studies of the Physics of the Earth, MN
  • Mona Pedersen, Advisor, Estate Department, LOS
  • Eyrun Thune, Adviser, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, MN
  • Lill-Ann Cathrine Strøm, Senior Executive Officer, Communication Section, MN

Election platform

Hanne Bjerknes
Hanne Bjerknes

I stand for election to the University Board as a representative of technical and administrative staff because I want to contribute with my commitment, my experience and competence so that we who make up the University of Oslo fulfill our mission in research, teaching, dissemination and innovation, that we must have a good time along the way and that the consideration of sustainability becomes a natural part of all decisions.

The world is constantly changing and I am more in favor of meeting it with open approaches than with cocksureness about what are the right solutions for the future. With our overall competence and commitment, we should feel both sufficiently secure and that we have the drive it takes to develop in the right direction together.

A public exchange of words where tendencies towards polarization and concepts such as alternative facts and fake news are allowed to develop freely makes us insecure, discouraged and gives a vague picture of who and what one can trust. In Norway, trust in scientific research is very high. This, combined with the strength and solidity
our history gives us, academic curiosity and the security found in a solid organization, gives UiO a very good starting point for being a sound and important counterweight.

I have been pleased to note that a close relationship between the University of Oslo and our city is often mentioned in plans and strategies at the university. It is important that UiO does not exist as a theoretical idea in the minds of the city´s inhabitants, but that we are actively present in our surroundings through activities and collaboration with various institutions, organizations and sectors. I would like to invite the city to us and invite us out into the city! We have several examples of how this attitude leads to fruitful cooperation for UiO in Europe and in the rest of the world.

I am pragmatic and do not believe that every stone must be turned when a new leadership or a new board join. But I like to look for the small but effective measures that can help the organization move through unclear waters. We're good. We thrive. We have good conditions. Then we must make the best of the good starting point we have.

All too often, elaborate plans and strategies are stowed away after they have been adopted. Often, they result in little more than new processes. I want to help ensure that well-worked, good ideas and plans are not locked away, but that we ensure implementation power in the organization when good decision-making bases are in place.

As a board representative, I will do my best to represent technical-administrative staff so that we have the best opportunities to use our commitment and our abilities to achieve the goals set for development through Strategy 2030 in particular and for the best for the University of Oslo.

I want to pay special attention to these three areas:

  • Culture for collaboration. I think it is possible to get more in return for UiO being so large and will find out if we can enjoy each other's experiences in more arenas than today. In our practical work, we see that we have something to learn from other units' work with everything from recruitment to events. Can we share more? Should we have more joint ownership? I also want to highlight the interaction between administration and scientific staff and bring out the good examples so that they can inspire more people.
  • Career - competence development from A to Z also for technical and administrative employees. I will review the development opportunities within working environment, management development, case processing and other subject areas. Working life is changing and it is wise to be vigilant for fluctuations in the number of applicants, to ensure diversity and to follow the development in employee satisfaction at work. What are the employees satisfied with and why? What career paths and opportunities are there? Are they well known?
  • A good start: Mental and physical health. I think it is wise to emphasize these aspects already when hiring and in the further workday. It can be a theme for the scheme for new employees and it could be repeated on refresher days. I want to work for UiO as an employer to promote the development of the working environment and holistic health.

My background

Education: I´m educated within the social sciences, consisting of law and sociology from the University of Oslo, information and public relations from the Norwegian School of Business and Marketing (NMH) and a master's degree in communication from Bond University in Australia.
I have completed the Solstrand program's leadership development course for younger leaders.

Work experience: I have worked with communication, management and human relations in different workplaces, from recruitment to politics, entrepreneurship and science dissemination.

Board experience: Approximately 20 years of experience with board participation and management in various boards, from company to co-owner and choir.

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