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Hanne Skjølås Nygaard

Candidate for the University Board among technical and administrative staff.

Hanne Skjølås Nygaard, Adviser, Human Resources Section, Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Nominated by:

  • Marie Steenstrup, Adviser, Human Resources Section, UV
  • Vibeke Christine Riddervold, Adviser, Human Resources Section, UV
  • Linda Valdø-Schwarz, Adviser, Human Resources Section, UV
  • Anders Moss, Section Manager, Human Resource Section, UV

Election platform

Hanne Skjølås Nygaard
Hanne Skjølås Nygaard

I run for election to the University Board as I am genuinely concerned with the development and form of government at the University, including all employees. I want everyone around me to thrive and have a good time at work. All occupational groups are equally important, and we work together towards a common goal at the best workplace in Norway. As a representative in the University board, I will be able to influence and ensure important decisions for a safe and predictable working environment, within a good financial framework.

My core issues are as follows:

  • A good personnel policy 
  • A good physical and psychosocial work environment 
  • Increase the proportion of permanent positions 
  • Competence development and career guidance 
  • Hospitality/job rotation 
  • Establisht receptions for apprentices

Who am I?

I'm employed as an HR-adviser at the Human Resource Section, Faculty of Educational Sciences. My career at UiO dates back to the year of 1984 with administrative tasks related to research, exams and personnel administration, both at the support units at UiO, and at department and faculty level. Having been associated with various units at UiO, I am well acquainted with the organizational culture and the organizational- and jobstructure. Additionally, I have been involved in various restructuring and system changes. During my employment period, I have also been a representative for Parat (formerly LUHF/2fO) and held various positions. Other relevant positions are as an employee representative on the department board/department council and faculty board, I have been safety representative, and I have had secretarial functions for various appointment councils and committees and faculty board and much more.

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