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Stian Kogler

Candidate for the University Board among the fixed-term employees with teaching and research positions.

Stian Kogler, Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Nominated by:

  • Stian Kogler, Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, MN
  • Ingeborg Nymoen, Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Biosciences, MN
  • Kristian Lensjø, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biosciences, MN
  • Dongho Daniel Kwak, Doctoral Research Fellow, RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion
  • Thomas Combriat, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, MN
  • Aleksandra Aizenshtadt, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, MED
  • Laura Bishop, Postdoctoral Fellow, RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion
  • Inga Solgård Juvkam, Doctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Oral Biology, ODONT
  • Henrik Hovde Sønsteby, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, MN
  • Maria Schüller, Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Pharmacy, MN
  • Linn Neerbye Berntsen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, MN
  • Chencheng Wang, Doctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, MED

Election platform

Stian Kogler
Stian Kogler

I am running as representative for us fixed-term scientific staff at UiO. I want to work to ensure that we have better working conditions, a good framework and a more generous personnel policy that ensures good opportunities for work and research after the end of the contract.

I have chosen four focus areas for which I will work on the board. These are corona measures for fixed-term scientific staff, international fixed-term staff in the university democracy, better framework conditions for fixed-term staff and gender equality at UiO. Although there are many similarities for us on a fixed-term contract, it is no secret that there are also many differences due to different disciplines, practical and theoretical work and background that make us stand differently. 

The university is becoming increasingly internationalized, which means that is becoming increasingly important to involve international fixed-term staff to a far greater extent in the university democracy. It is a democratic problem that a huge group of employees does not have a real opportunity to participate in board work or inform themselves about ongoing issues.

UiO is a large organization and it is demanding to know what is going on around the campus, all alone. I will therefore be open and accessible and actively seek out knowledge where it can be found. Hence, I have established contact with UiOdoc, the Young Academy of Norway, and the current representative, Kjersti Lohne, to be updated on the ongoing work. My wish is to be able to continue the good work that is being done now and take it further, so that we as a group can have an impact, especially on urgent matters.

Due to COVID-19, we are in demanding times, especially for us fixed-term scientific staff. My goal as representative on UiO’s board is that we as an employee group should have as safe and predictable s working day as possible, without being hampered by delays due to the pandemic. It is urgent to put measures in place now. 

I run for election because I want to make a difference for you.

Corona measures for fixed-term scientific staff

  • Contract extension for all fixed-term scientific employees.
    • Two-month extension for everyone and the possibility of more extension according to documented needs.
    • A decision from the university board that obliges UiO to work with the authorities to secure funding for this.
    • Generous system that does not pull out the rug under fixed-term scientific staff.
  • More time with your supervisor for fixed-term employees that are delayed due to the pandemic.
  • A special focus on mental health and clear low-threshold offers.

International fixed-term staff in university democracy

  • Voluntary, free Norwegian course for all foreign employees.
  • Offer a specific and targeted language course for non-Norwegian speaking employees who are elected to positions.
  • Strengthen the collaboration between board representatives on all levels and UiOdoc and similar organizations.
  • Investigate other possibilities for overcoming the language barrier and making board matters more transparent by, for example, short summaries of case documents in English.

Better framework conditions for fixed-term employees

  • New system for compulsory work.
    • A comprehensive, fair and predictable system for compulsory work. The system must be based on clear guidelines for how hours are to be registered, work tasks must be clarified and duties and rights highlighted. The system should be the same throughout UiO.
  • Career path and career planning.
    • Career guidance and planning shall not be dependent on a supervisor. All fixed-term scientific staff should be offered a career interview with a qualified adviser at an early stage.
    • The mid-term evaluation of PhD students must also include a part on career planning.
  • Clear opportunities to qualify for permanent positions at UiO or externally.
    • UiO should have clear career paths, so that fixed-term scientific staff can qualify for permanent positions.
    • Permanent employment should be the main rule. UiO's funding situation is far more predictable and stable than other research institutes and comparable institutions, but still has a higher percentage of fixed-term contracts than others have.
  • All newly hired PhDs and postdocs must be able to demand to be allowed to teach and supervise students, if they wish.
  • The minimum term for postdocs should be at least three years.
  • Better opportunities for fixed-term employees to apply for external or internal funding.
    • Qualifying for permanent positions and good for further career opportunities. Enabling the realization of own ideas.
  • Research support for applications to NFR, foundations and institutions.
    • Helps to find relevant announcements and write applications (formal requirements, etc.).
    • Can be introduced as a center throughout UiO or be at faculty level.
  • Offer of a collegial mentor scheme for support for application writing.

Equality at the university

  • The assessment period of scientific work for permanent scientific positions should be extended when the candidate has been on parental leave, breastfeeding leave, care leave or has had significant continuous sick leave during the assessment period. This extension of the assessment period should correspond to the time the candidate was on leave.
  • Restart scholarship (additional one month contract extension) for all fixed-term scientific staff who have been absent for more than 6 months due to parental leave or continuous sick leave. This will compensate for the time it takes to get back into one’s work.
  • UiO should look at the wage statistics to investigate whether women and men receive the same starting salary for fixed-term scientific positions. Measures to even out any uncovered wage differences must be initiated immediately.

My background

I am a trained chemist from UiO. My bachelor's degree is from the Department of Biosciences and my master's degree from the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In my master's degree, I worked closely with the Center of Excellence Hybrid Technology Hub - Center for Organ on a Chip Technology to develop a system for testing drugs without the use of animals. For this interdisciplinary work, I was awarded the prize for the best master's thesis in 2019 at the Department of Chemistry. I have also made a short film about this work which was awarded a prize at an international conference in Milan. After completing my master's degree, I worked as a principal engineer at the Faculty of Medicine on the same project. I am now working on further developing this system for drug testing as a PhD fellow.

I have extensive experience from youth politics and the School Student Union of Norway. Since my school years, I have been actively involved in improving the framework and working conditions of my peers. As a university student, I have been involved in student politics and the student committee at my faculty. I have also been a student representative on the faculty board at MatNat. I am currently a deputy representative for fixed-term scientific staff on the department board at the Department of Chemistry.

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