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Legal Group at the Department of Personnel Support

Who are we?

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Berit Hernes Bakke
Personnel Manager
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Anniken Larsen Fuglerud Adviser
Aminah Iqbal
Senior Adviser
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Geir Johansen Kruge
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Jeannette Kvamme

What can we help you with?

We provide advice on issues relating to labour law and other adjoining areas of law.

Who can contact us?

  • Managers and personnel officers/advisors at UiO units can contact us for legal advice.
  • Employees who have questions about their employment conditions should contact their manager.

How can you contact us?

  • All requests for legal assistance in our areas of law should be sent to and contain:
    1. Description of the case in question
    2. What you need assistance for
    3. Overview of all relevant case documents
      Note: Sensitive information must not be sent by e-mail but through ePhorte.
  • When the matter is urgent or can be followed up with a single phone call, ring 22 84 10 50. The phone is usually served Monday through Thursday 10:00-11:00 and 11:30-14.00; if there is no answer, send your request by e-mail.

Case-processing time

  • We treat requests in the order they come in.
  • We have at all times a great influx of legal inquiries. Those seeking legal advice must therefore expect some processing time.
  • If we do not have the capacity to assist units, the law firm UiO has a framework agreement with (requires login) (Norwegian) can be contacted for legal assistance. The inquiring unit must cover the costs of the law firm.