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Rector Svein Stølen

Svein Stølen is Rector of the University of Oslo for the period 2017-2025.

Rector Svein Stølen. Photo: Anders Lien

Rector Svein Stølen. Photo: UiO

The Rector has ultimate responsibility for the academic activities at the University of Oslo (UiO) and is Chair of the University Board. He is also the institution's legal representative and spokesperson in dealings with the general public and government authorities.

UiO’s official representative

The Rector is the university’s highest official representative, and sees to the maintainance and establishment of external cooperation and interests. He shall work for cooperation with business and industry, public enterprises and other educational institutions. The Rector shall also protect UiO’s interests in dealings with national and local authorities and establish academic networks at national and international levels.

Strategic responsibility

The Rector has responsibility for academic and internal cooperation with the faculties and research centres. This work includes both  day-to-day issues and issues of a more general strategic nature. The Rector also has responsibility for conducting a good and ongoing dialogue with the students.

The Rector shall place an emphasis on executing his leadership of academic activities by serving as an inspirer, a cultural bridge-builder and an initiator.

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