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Due to reconstruction work in Kristian Ottosen's house, we unfortunately can not provide drop-in office these days. Please call or write to us and we will arrange alternative venues.

You can call us at any time during normal working hours (9:00 to 4:00 p.m monday to friday).

You can also meet us at the Faculty of Law starting at 12.00 - 14.00p.m every other Wednesday. Here you can meet us from the 19th of September.

If you would like to send us an e-mail, please do not send documents with sensitive information, such as medical certificates etc.

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Studentombud Marianne Høva Rustberggard
Photo: Anders Lien / UiO

LL.M. and BA in culture and society

  • Board member of European Network for Ombudsmen in Higher Education (Enohe)
  • Scandinavian Network for Representatives of Higher Education
  • Member of Norwegian Network for Ombud for Students
  • Broad experience of student politics from various offices held, as well as board experience


Mari Skogheim Møst
Photo: Anders Lien / UiO.

Mari Skogheim Møst, Higher Executive Officer

Master of media science, NTNU

  • Secretariat for European Network for Ombudsmen in Higher Education (Enohe) 
  • Member of Scandinavian  Network for representatives of Higher Education.
  • Member of the Norwegian Network for Ombud for Students
  • Editorial associate, Student TV Trondheim  




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