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Parking regulations at The University of Oslo

Campus parking is regulated in accordance with the standard terms of private parking enforcement.

Parking is only permitted in marked parking spaces. It is not permitted to park inside the area delimited by the campus barriers. The following regulations apply for the period of time from 08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Friday.

Use of parking permits

  • A valid parking permit in the form of a parking sticker or parking card (see below for a description of of the different parking permits), or a ticket from a parking meter, is required for parking at the University of Oslo.
  • Attach the parking sticker on the left-hand side of the front windscreen. If you have a parking card, this must be placed where it is clearly visible in the front windscreen.
  • Parking permits are issued for individual vehicles, not people. A vehicle may only have a parking permit for one group.

Parking spaces' signposting

Parking lots at the University are signposted with the letters A, S or R, or a handicap sign.

  • Slots marked A are reserved for vehicles carrying the A-sticker, R-sticker, E-permit or B-permit.
  • Slots marked S are reserved for vehicles carrying the S-sticker, R-sticker, E-permit or B-permit.
  • Slots marked R are reserved for vehicles carrying the R-sticker, or B-permit.
  • Slots marked with the handicap symbol are reserved for vehicles carrying a municipal parking permit for the physically disabled.

Parking permits are issued to the following groups:

A - employees

  • The parking stickers marked A are for employees of the University of Oslo and SiO (the student welfare organisation) and are valid for two years. All persons who receive salary from the University are defined as employees. Also part-time teachers are entitled to the A parking sticker. This ensures fair and equal treatment of all employees.
  • Emeriti who remain active at the University receive a parking permit on equal terms as employees.
  • University employees have to fill in an online parking form to receive a parking sticker.
  • Vehicles carrying the A-sticker may park in spaces marked A.

S - students

  • The parking sticker marked S is for registered students and is valid for one year.
  • Parking stickers for students must be ordered at the SiO centre in Kristian Ottosens hus, Blindern.
  • Vehicles carrying the S-sticker may park in spaces marked S.

R - reserved

  • Parking stickers marked R are for persons with special needs of an occupational nature. The Estate Department processes applications for R-stickers.
  • Vehicles carrying R-stickers may park in parking spaces marked with A, R and S.

B - visitors

  • Parking cards marked B are for external parties visiting a unit or an employee at the University. These parking cards are issued for short visits, for example one or two days. Visitor's parking cards can be issued for one week at most. The cards are issued by the unit receiving the visitor and the duration and location are specified on the card.
  • Cars with B permits can park in parking spaces marked with A, R and S.
  • Short-term visitors can also park in metered parking spaces.

E – contractors, service companies etc.

Handicap - for the physically disabled

  • Parking slots for the physically disabled are marked with the handicap symbol and can be used by vehicles with a municipal handicap parking permit.

Delivery of goods

Short stops to deliver and pick up goods and to drop off or pick up people are permitted where specified by traffic signs.

Parking behind the Historical Museum

  • The parking slots behind the Historical Museum are for employees of the Faculty of Law and the Historical Museum only. Permits are issued by the operational services office at UiO:Downtown.
  • Parking in the University gardens is not permitted.

Illegal parking

Owners of cars parked illegally will receive fines according to national regulations:

  • Illegal parking on visitor parking slots or missing payment on metered slots: NOK 300
  • Missing, expired or inaccurate parking sticker: NOK 600
  • Parking on slots reserved for the physically disabled: NOK 900
  • Parking for more than 48 consecutive hours in one place: NOK 1000 (impoundment)
  • Obstruction of traffic or emergency vehicles: NOK 1000 (impoundment)

Impounded cars

  • Questions about impounded cars must be directed to EuroPark AS. Tel.: +44 815 32 132 (24H). Impounded cars are only released upon payment of the established fine, which is currently NOK 1000.
  • Cars impounded due to illegal parking on the public road network are processed by the traffic unit in the City of Oslo, tel.: +44 23 48 21 50 (24H).
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