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Personnel regulations for academic employees

Appointment, competence promotion and certain employment conditions for academic employees are governed by special regulations. For other topics, consult the personnel regulations at UiO (Norwegian) and the personnel regulations common for all employees at UiO.

Unfortunately, only a limited number of these regulations are available in English. For a full overview, see this page in Norwegian

Note: The English translations are for information purposes only. For all legal purposes, the original documents in Norwegian are the authoritative versions.

Job structure

The academic staff at UiO is divided into the following main job group categories:

  • Research and teaching positions
  • Research positions (separate salary schedule)
  • Recruitment positions
  • Educational positions.

Detailed information on the research job categories is to be found in the following regulations:


General guidelines for appointments

Local guidelines for appointments

Competence promotion

Guidelines for promotions pertaining to all academic fields

Specific guidelines for promotions within the field of humanities

Specific guidelines for promotions within the field of natural sciences

Specific guidelines for promotions within the field of social Sciences

Working hours and work assignments

Research and educational leave

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