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Rules for the use of research posts SKO 1108, 1109, 1110 and 1183 at UiO

Approved by the Rector per procurationem on 17 October, 2005

1. External and internal funding

Under previous regulations, researcher posts were reserved for externally funded research projects. This restriction no longer applies. Therefore, UiO can freely use the researcher posts regardless of whether the project is funded by an external principal or the UiO's basic grant.

2. Use of combined posts and researcher posts

Based on the fundamental principle of research-based teaching, the general rule will still be combined positions, i.e., that UiO will use the job code as professor and associate professor. Researcher posts may still occasionally be an option when the nature of the tasks dictates this.

3. Duties

As a general rule, the duties of a researcher are fully dedicated to research, but it may also be necessary to impose other duties that have direct relevance for the research project. However, specific definition of the job description will depend on the project with which the researcher in question is associated.

Examples of use of research codes: responsibility for sub-project at centres under faculties, dictionary editor for the Norwegian dictionary project 2014, research associated with the research group under CoE, research within a limited field at the institute under the Faculty of Law, research associated with research projects at institutes under the Faculty of Medicine, with some administration and teaching, research with responsibility for the section's R&D work at the same faculty.

4. Qualification criteria

Candidates for the post of researcher will be assessed as regards academic qualifications, dissemination and any other relevant qualifications. The post as researcher SKO 1183 requires the competencies for a professor, SKO 1109 requires a doctor’s degree and SKO 1108 university education equivalent to Master’s level.

An application for competence promotion may be made in accordance with the Rules for promotion to researcher SKO 1109 in government agencies and the Rules for promotion to researcher SKO 1183.

5. Appointment procedures

Appointment of researchers will follow the ordinary procedures for advertisement / exception from ordinary advertisement, expert assessment, recommendation and appointment that apply to the relevant job level at UiO / the faculty and will be adapted to the duties of the researcher post.

6. SKO 1110

At UiO the practice has been identical qualification criteria for posts SKO 1109 and SKO 1110, with no restrictions on the differentiation of tasks. SKO 1110 is little used and therefore, based on the need for clarity, the University Director recommends that for future appointments, the units make consistent use of SKO 1109 and not 1110..

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