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Guidelines for business travel at UiO

Issued by the University Director on 21.09.2012

Case 2012/11532


Travel agency

  • UiO has an agreement with a travel agency for the following reasons:
    • The travel agency must look for the most reasonable and most suitable form of travel.
    • The travel agency must keep a constant overview of all of the University's travel-related agreements.
    • The travel agency must draw up reports that show the organization's travel activity.
  • Orders must be made through the travel agency with which UiO has entered into an agreement, either by phone, e-mail or the travel booking portal.
  • The travel agency charges a service fee for individual trips. The service fee is charged to each invoice / credit card charge.
  • To receive the lowest possible price, travellers must book trips as soon as possible. Please note that often only full-price tickets are available for departures between 07:00–08:00 and 16:00–17:00.
  • Travel agreements have been entered into to guarantee the lowest possible total cost. Travel expenses to be covered using a travel expense report must have been accrued from the suppliers with which there is an agreement, to the extent possible. All travel agreements are available through the travel agency.


  • All employees are encouraged to travel by train, which is an environmentally-friendly, efficient and safe form of transportation, when this option is appropriate and a good choice as regards time.

Air travel

  • Air travel must be ordered through the travel agency, which will take consideration of all available options, both published prices and any agreement prices.
  • The trip must be conducted at the lowest price, albeit so that the travel time is not unreasonably long – see Special agreement for domestic travel at the state's expense, section 3 ( (Norwegian) / Special agreement for foreign travel at the state's expense, section 3 ( (Norwegian).
  • The lowest available price within the interval of time set (+/-2 or 4 hours) from the departure time must be used, and this alternative will be recorded as within the guidelines (policy).
  • For long-haul travel, the travel agency should be contacted, as there are often are only a few departure times for these destinations. Much money can be saved by choosing a longer travel time than the ideal travel time.
  • Economy tickets are the default.
  • Occasionally there is a need to change the return travel for business reasons. Flexible tickets can be used in this case. The reason for not choosing the cheapest option and the advance authorization must be enclosed with the travel expense report.
  • Occasionally there is a need to change discounted tickets. If changes are not allowed, the cheapest possible new plane ticket may be bought. Receipts for both plane tickets must be enclosed and settled using a travel expense report, and an explanation must be added.
  • Domestic air travel and simple roundtrip tickets within Europe must be ordered using the travel portal. The option that complies with the policy must be chosen. The University's travel agency must be contacted by phone for complex travel, and a travel consultant will help find the best/cheapest option.


  • Partner hotels must be used as far as possible. Such hotel stays should be ordered through the travel portal at the same time as the plane trip to avoid a hotel booking fee.
  • If there are no good options on the travel portal, contact the travel agency, which has its own reasonable hotel agreements.
  • The hotel rates must not exceed the upper limit for accommodation.
  • Each individual must settle his/her hotel bill by credit card.

Car rental

  • As far as possible, rental cars should be booked through the travel portal. This must be used when entering into a framework agreement for rental cars for UiO.
  • The car type will be adapted to each person's needs. The guiding principle for the choice of car is: sober, but with acceptable security and comfort.
  • Remember to check the box for insurance.
  • The rental car must be paid for by credit card.

Credit card / forms of payment

Travel expense report

  • Travel expenses will be refunded on the basis of a travel expense report with supporting documentation. Employees must present the settlement for approval as soon as possible, and at lastest within 1 month of the end of the trip.
  • Travel expense reports must be completed in accordance with current laws and guidelines. Expenses that have not been documented in the approved manner will not be refunded.

Travel insurance

Loyalty cards

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