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UiO's policy for diversity, gender equality and inclusion

Gender equality, diversity and inclusion is defined as a strategic matter for the university. UiO is committed to these issues being a conscious element in all our activities.

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Gender equality is about democracy and fundamental human rights, but also about the quality of our activities and about UiO's legitimacy in society.

Gender equality is both a goal and a process that involves:

  • UiO consciously promotes an organizational culture and a work and learning environment that is inclusive and fair.
  • teaching, subject strategy and incentive schemes are designed so that it gives qualifying candidates and researchers an equal opportunity to develop their talent.
  • UiO pursues an active recruitment policy that evens out skewed gender selection and indirect discrimination.
  • the distribution of employees in research and teaching positions reflects the gender distribution in the recruitment basis for the various position levels.

1. Policy documents

UiO's gender equality policy is anchored in:

2. Resources and organisation

In order to achieve the goals set in the action plan, there are dedicated resources for the work:

  • The University Board allocates funds annually for central and local gender equality work.
  • Several of the university units also have their own earmarked funds for local gender equality work.
  • UiO's gender equality adviser is responsible for following up UiO's action plan for diversity, gender equality and inclusion.
  • Coordination group for Gender Equality (Norwegian) is chaired by Pro-Rector Åse Gornitzka. The group's main task is to contribute to strategic discussions and goal formulation of gender equality work at UiO. The group also reviews the budget and accounts for UiO's gender equality funds annually.

3. Data and monitoring

UiO's yearly gender equality report

UiO reports on its gender equality work in accordance with the activity duty and the duty to issue a statement as required by Norwegian law (Aktivitets- og redegjørelsesplikten). This is done annually in UiO's business reporting. In continuation of this, a separate gender equality report is prepared which provides a broad overview of the status and work of promoting gender equality and gender balance at the University of Oslo.

Key figures on gender balance at UiO

Key figures for UiO obtained from DBH.

Proportion of women and men in professorships (SKO1013)
Institution 2020
Women (%) Men (%)
University of Oslo 33,23 66,77
Proportion of women and men in associate professor positions (SKO1011)
Institution 2020
Women (%) Men (%)
University of Oslo 49,21 50,79
Proportion of women and men in professional management positions (SKO1474 Dean and SKO1475 Head of Department)
Institution 2020
Women (%) Men (%)
University of Oslo 38,78 61,22
Proportion of women and men in administrative management positions (AD1)
Institution 2020
Women (%) Men (%)
University of Oslo 58,66 41,34

Mapping of gender equality at UiO

UiO's gender equality work is based on monitoring and mapping of the gender equality situation in our organisation.

4. Action and initiatives

Faculty based gender equality initatives:

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