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Strategy 2030

Knowledge – responsibility – commitment: For a sustainable world

For more than two centuries, UiO has critically studied, challenged and shaped Norwegian society and developed knowledge of value for the entire world. The quality and breadth of research and education places UiO in a unique national position and forms the basis of UiO's status as a leading European research-intensive comprehensive university.

UiO's strong position is the result of goal-oriented and systematic work over many years. In the period leading up to 2030, we will further develop the quality of research and education in order to strengthen UiO’s position in the upper echelon of European universities. UiO will continue to build on its academic qualities, collegial values and organizational strengths and be an open and inclusive community for students and staff.

The world is facing challenges that require efforts from the entire global community. The climate crisis is emerging as the greatest challenge of our time. UiO will take responsibility for contributing to solutions through our societal mission: educating highly qualified students, conducting long-term basic research and working to ensure that knowledge is put to use.

Loss of natural diversity, challenges in health and welfare, polarization, migration and war are examples of areas that require interdisciplinary and innovative solutions. As an internationally oriented comprehensive university, UiO has exceptional prerequisites for successfully developing strong interdisciplinary and innovative academic environments. By cooperating across academic, institutional and national boundaries, we will develop knowledge that contributes to a sustainable world.

Academic freedom, underpinned by institutional autonomy, is a fundamental premise for UiO's ability to deliver its societal mission. This freedom gives room for universities to challenge and criticize established thinking and prepare the ground for new perspectives, new knowledge and new solutions. UiO will exercise and defend academic freedom in dialogue with society, nationally and internationally.

UiO will be an important steward of scientific tradition, culture and methodology. UiO will both shape the present and work towards long term goals. UiO's activities will be characterized by high ethical standards, high quality and a willingness to make bold and innovative choices.

The University plays an important role in preserving Norway’s cultural history and has a special responsibility for the renewal and dissemination of knowledge about Norwegian society, language, history and nature. UiO will be a conscious bearer and steward of culture at the intersection between tradition and renewal.

Strategy 2030 builds on Strategy 2020 in emphasising UiO's position as a knowledge organization with a clear and binding integration of research, education and outreach. Strategy 2030 is based on four interdependent ambitions with objectives that outline the direction of UiO’s development during the strategy period.


UiO aims to promote independent, ground-breaking, long-term research


  • UiO will develop outstanding research environments across the breadth of the institution.
  • UiO will further develop disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary cooperation and lead the way in the development towards a sustainable society.
  • UiO will work systematically for the development and sharing of research infrastructure and data resources.
  • Through strategic recruitment and systematic career development, UiO will develop research talent for academia, civil society, trade and industry.
  • UiO will intensify its efforts to sustain and enhance research ethics and research integrity.

UiO's advantage is high quality throughout the organization and long-term basic research across the breadth of disciplines and activities. Our academic breadth and depth give us a unique starting point for contributing to sustainable solutions that require both new technology and a better understanding of the interactions between people, nature, society and technological solutions. We intend to move the boundaries of knowledge within the disciplines and design interdisciplinary solutions for complex societal challenges.

Advanced physical and digital infrastructures play an increasingly important role in research and education. UiO will work systematically to achieve more sharing and better accessibility to infrastructure and data resources. There is great need for long-term investment, and a roadmap of priorities has been set out. Based on the roadmap UiO will invest in, develop and maintain infrastructure that helps to strengthen our international position as a research-intensive university.

It's important to be successful in the competition for talent. UiO will conduct strategic recruitment and develop outstanding researchers and research environments. The process of recruitment and assessment will be open and transparent with an emphasis on quality and academic assessments. Young researchers will be offered predictable frameworks for the development of their careers.

A positive and strong research culture based on high scientific standards and ideals must form the premise for all research activities. Knowledge and awareness of research ethical norms is something all academic environments and all levels of the organization must safeguard through systematic training and continuous awareness.

UiO aims to educate students with the knowledge, ability and willingness to create a better world 


  • UiO will be an outstanding educational institution that provides research-based teaching of a high international calibre.
  • UiO will educate students who see their learning in a wider social perspective and lead the way in the green shift.
  • UiO will bring education closer to research, strengthen its relevance to working life and increase the students' awareness of their own competence.
  • UiO will develop and renew its education for all student groups and respond to society's need for interdisciplinary knowledge.
  • UiO will promote exploratory and innovative modes of learning that motivate students and help them become a resource to each other.
  • UiO will employ learning methods and forms of assessment that activate the students' knowledge and experience.
  • UiO will provide research-based and flexible continuing- and further education.

The societal challenges of our times require global solutions, and UiO will renew its international educational cooperation. Through strengthened European cooperation, UiO will reach out globally in new ways and with a greater collective power than today. Together with other research-intensive universities, UiO will facilitate integrated courses of study across languages, national borders and subjects.

Based on a stronger link between research and education, UiO will continue to develop as an ambitious educational institution. Professional and general education will be linked more closely to research activities and working life to motivate students for increased effort and completion. In order to meet students' social engagement, educational expectations and ambitions, the programme offerings will be made more flexible, and more interdisciplinary study options will be offered. UiO will become a hub for student innovation in the Oslo region.

UiO will continue to develop teaching and learning methods that stimulate ethical reflection, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving. The programmes of study will develop students' social responsibility and awareness of values and choices. Digitalization will be integrated in learning processes and disciplines. Students will be part of an academic and social community where they are a resource in the development of teaching and learning. 

An education from UiO lays the foundation for lifelong learning, and students should be able to return for academic updating. UiO will respond to society's need for continuing- and further education in disciplines where we have a particular advantage.

UiO will strengthen its dialogue with the outside world and work to ensure that knowledge is put to use


  • UiO will contribute to sustainable social development and the green shift.
  • UiO will contribute to value creation and new jobs through innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • UiO will contribute to knowledge-based dialogue and opinion formations and be present where important discussions take place.
  • UiO will have socially relevant dissemination arenas that are visible and accessible.
  • UiO will exploit the opportunities that the new life science building provides in responding to society's expectations.
  • UiO will pursue a comprehensive campus development that safeguards the breadth of our activities and strengthens important collaborative relationships in the Oslo region.

Knowledge should be used to the benefit of society, support a liberal democracy and contribute to a sustainable global development. By working to ensure that knowledge is put to use, UiO will stimulate the development of new ideas, technologies and initiatives to improve services, solve social needs and contribute to the green shift. UiO will promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Society's confidence in research and scientific knowledge is reinforced through openness and transparency. To sustain UiO's high level of legitimacy as a knowledge organization, we must open ourselves to the world to an even greater extent. The communication of the role, methodology, uncertainty and integrity of science must be part of our dialogue with society. Through open science, the basis is established for a knowledge-based democratic society and knowledge-informed decisions.

UiO will support dissemination arenas and activities across the breadth of the organization. An important part of UiO's dissemination is carried out by the university museums and the university library. These parts of the organization will be linked more closely to the other university-units.

The life science building will be set up in this strategy period providing significant opportunities for academic convergence and the development of life sciences. It will also be important for the further development of cooperation between UiO and the university hospitals. The Blindern area will undergo major changes as a result of the new building. An important task during the strategy period will be to further develop the Blindern area to provide opportunities for academic renewal across the breadth of UiO's activities.

Through a strategic campus development, UiO's core tasks will be more closely connected to society. This is important to succeed in achieving increased knowledge sharing and innovation, and to contribute to new jobs. Together with Oslo Municipality and the Student Welfare Organization (SiO), UiO will conduct a campus development that promotes cooperation with cultural and working life, and that helps create academic and social meeting places for students, staff and visitors.

UiO will be an innovative organization and an attractive place of work and study


  • UiO will work systematically to create a safe and positive working and learning environment, greater diversity and an inclusive culture for students and staff. 
  • UiO will adopt innovative organizational forms, and innovative work and learning methods with efficient use of digital resources.
  • UiO will give staff and students better opportunities for professional and academic development, and better opportunities to face changes in technology, society and working life.
  • UiO will reduce its own climate footprint and enable staff and students to make environmentally conscious choices.

People are UiO's most important resource. To succeed in our social mission, it is essential that we take good care of our staff and students. UiO will facilitate a positive student experience that builds strong academic and social ties with the university and with Oslo as a student city.

At UiO, everyone will be included in a stimulating academic environment and participate in an engaging, positive and safe working and learning environment that brings out the best in everyone. This involves an active equal opportunity policy and recruitment practice that creates diversity and ensures equal rights. UiO will continue its work to reduce temporary employment and to further develop an integrated personnel policy. UiO will be characterized by collegial participation, creative interaction and good management.

UiO will be an innovative organization that make use of its strengths to exploit academic opportunities and responds to new societal needs. We will cultivate a structure and culture for close interaction between students and staff, and make it easier to research, teach and study across disciplines and units. The development of new competencies, new skills and ethical awareness is important for our ability to implement and tackle changes in working methods and modes of cooperation, developments in academic disciplines and changes in methodology. Belonging to UiO as a student and employee should mean belonging to a community that provides good opportunities for development.

UiO will work systematically to become a sustainable institution and actively enable students and staff to make climate-friendly choices. The global community has committed itself to a greenhouse gas reduction that can only be achieved if everyone shows impatience and acts now. UiO will lead the way in environmental work, both nationally and internationally, and act as a role model for other institutions.

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