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Education and sustainability

UiO is awash in young people who want to use their knowledge and competence to make a difference. In our experience, that is why they come here: they have ambitions on behalf of something beyond themselves.

Students and the sustainability goals

At UiO, it is possible to study informatics related to the sustainable reuse of electronics.

Students can get a master´s degree in sustainable energy systems, where technology and social sciences are linked in order to develop new solutions.

Contribute to future health decisions based on wise choices.

Or learn more about what causes lie behind the many challenges humankind has brought upon itself, how lives are lived differently in a world that is changing, and just where we need to direct our resources if we are to create a sustainable future.

Examples of study programs linked to the sustainable development agenda:

Humanities and social sciences:

Medicine and natural sciences:


Educational sciences:

UiO's Sustainability Award for the Best Master´s Theses

Two years ago for the first time, UiO awarded a price for the three most outstanding master´s theses linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They were about food security amongst internally displaced Indians, about the regulation of light pollution in Norwegian law, and about how Sudanese women live with the birth injury fistula.

Last year´s winners covered the following topics: attacks on the Polish justice system, diet and pollutants in killer whales, and the EU´s stand on the responsibility of delivering on the SDGs.

The price is awarded in connection with UiO´s annual anniversary party. Winners belong to a network of alumni who are invited to meet regularly at relevant conferences and other arenas both at and outside the university. The idea is that they share knowledge and experience to be used in their professional lives.

SHE – Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) trains change agents in health care so that the UN Sustainable Development Goals become an integral part of future health decisions – in the face of challenges such as pandemics, antibiotic resistance, or an aging population.

Student involvement is important to SHE. The centre therefore announces scholarships that all health science students at UiO can apply for, and is also in the process of creating courses and a master's degree focusing on sustainable health education.

CityStudio Oslo: Together we make the city more sustainable

CityStudio Oslo is a course (30 study points) where students, academic staff, employees at the municipal level, corporate businesses, and citizens gather around a common wish to build better cities through interaction and co-creation. The subject will enable students to get to know Oslo municipality and the challenges of one of Europe´s fastest growing cities.

Through dialogue with actors such as the municipality, corporate businesses and citizens, the students will identify a challenge or a problem, seek possible solutions through the designing of a suitable project, and then finally plan, execute, and test the project.


The University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo Metropolitan University and Oslo municipality.

From a student project in CityStudio Oslo, where students placed lighting along a walkway to Majorstuen from Blindern, encouraging citizens of Oslo to do a bit of walking. (Foto: OsloCity Studio/UiO)



Insj UiO – for student founders with sustainability projects

Insj UiO provides counseling, mentors, and an acceleration program for students who would like to start their own business. It is an environment of students, for students. Great ideas are sustainable ideas, and sustainable ideas result in sustainable businesses. Such start-ups can contribute to people changing their habits, enable recycling, combine technology in new ways, or even introduce new technologies.

Circle U – a European alliance of universities

Future students at UiO will also be students of other European universities. We want them to be able to amass proper knowledge and engagement in order to create a stable and sustainable continent.

This is why UiO has joined forces with six other universities in a new alliance called Circle U: Aarhus University, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, King's College in London, Universidade de Lisboa, Université catholique de Louvain and Université de Paris. 

The goal is to develop a university that opens up for new ways of student mobility, where students can pick subjects from various learning institutions and put together a degree themselves.

In connection with the EU Commission´s announcement of a “European Universities” pilot under the Erasmus+ program, Circle U submitted an application to the commission.

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