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Green services for students and staff

A green UiO is also about the sum of every employee´s choices during a workday. Choose green when you plan an event, travel to work, or prepare for your next trip to a conference.

Are you travelling for work?

Think about this before you book a flight. 

Please refer to UiO's staff site for planning travels

Are you planning a big event?

Learn more about how you can make your food order as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Please refer to UiO's staff site on how to make green food orders (in Norwegian)

Disposal in plastics or regular waste?

Useful about recycling at UiO, on the webpages of the Estate Department

Free bike repair for students

Read our news article about this offer at campus Blindern (in Norwegian)



Studenter med sykkel. Sykkeaksjonen 2018
Every year there is a bike festival at Blindern, featuring amongst other things a bike auction.  Foto: Jarli&Jordan, UiO

UiO would like for our staff and students to get to work and back home again as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why we facilitate for cyclists at campus, with different places for parking and with service stations.

Bike Kitchen Blindern (BKB)

Last addition to this is Bike Kitchen Blindern (BKB), which is a bikers´ café where students can get professional help for their bikes as well as tips for a life on bike in Oslo.


BKB is a joint venture between the Agency for City Environment of Oslo, SiO and UiO, and it is operated by the Agency of City Environment.

At Bike Kitchen, in Niels Henrik Abel´s House, you´ll find bike mechanics who can help you with everything from changing a hose to larger repairs. Everything needed of tools and other equipment is found at BKB, and should you get hungry or thirsty, SiO has that to offer in the same locale as well.

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