Selection and use of personal protective equipment-Cancelled

 The seminar is aimed at those who use personal protective equipment at work. The focus is on the gloves, goggles and masks. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and to test the equipment.

Note: This course is held in English.


Participants shall be able to choose the right glove, glasses and mask and to use protective equipment properly, after the course.


  • Introduction of UiO supplier of personal protective equipment; VWR.
  • Gloves: How to choose the right glove for the right task. What qualities and standards to choose?
  • Goggles: Are you using the right glasses for your task?
  • Masks: All you need to know about face masks and respirators. How to choose the right mask for your task and maintenance of masks?

Target group

Users of personal protective equipment in the laboratories


3 hours

Course lecturer



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Course fee

The course is free of charge.

Note: In case of absence that has not been notified to, your unit will be billed with a fee of NOK 1000.


HSE Unit

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