Norwegian for international researchers - advanced level, part one

This course is the first part of the two advanced courses. We do not recommend students to go directly from level 3 to the advanced courses. One should first practice the Norwegian language for a while and build up a considerable vocabulary.

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Ready to take your Norwegian to a whole new level?

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After completing the advanced level, part one, participants should be able to:

  • understand radio and TV programs
  • speak and understand Norwegian in conversations and discussions
  • refer, describe and discuss topics and issues in written form
  • read authentic texts and newspaper articles


The course is based on topics presented in the media. We practice understanding Norwegian language (written and oral), we read newspaper articles, watch television news, simulate relevant meeting situations, give presentations etc. Participants develop both written and spoken language and advanced Norwegian grammar. Participants receive feedback on their use of the language according to their individual work situations and needs.

Note: The structure of the advanced course part one and the advanced course part two is more or less the same. However, the second part of the course has a higher level of difficulty in the vocabulary and the texts read.

Target group

  • International researchers at UiO and accompanying spouses/partners who wish to improve their Norwegian language skills.
  • International researchers at other research institutions are also welcome to take the course.

Preliminary knowledge

Moderate communication skills in Norwegian. Participants must also be able to speak English.

Number of participants

Maximum 20 participants per group.


16 class hours; 2 class hours once a week for 8 weeks; courses start in February and September.

Next course

  • TBA

Course fee

  • NOK 3 500 for researchers and spouses/partners
  • NOK 4 050 for external researchers

Note: Reseachers should check with their host department whether full or partial sponsorship for Norwegian language courses is available. Please be aware that it is at the department's discretion how to handle this issue. Therefore, conditions will vary throughout the University.

Course material

Course material is included in the course fee and will be distributed in class.


For further information, please contact the ISS by e-mail,


To register, please fill out this on-line form. Applications are handled on a 'first come, first served' basis. As the number of spaces is limited, we encourage you to apply early.

Please have the following information ready before you fill out the form:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Your job title and department at UiO or the external institution you are affiliated with
  3. Contact information of the person or department that will pay for the course, if different than yourself. Please include the name, title and address of where we can send the bill


  • Researchers employed at UiO must have their course participation approved by their immediate superior.
  • The local administrator is expected to make the necessary arrangements for the approved course.
  • Enrollment is binding.
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