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Competence promotion for academic staff

An application for competence promotion is to be sent to your local unit. The promotion is personal and has no effect on the employee’s work responsibilities.

Criteria for promotion

Read the regulations concerning the various job categories.

Who can apply?

  • Tenured assistant professors, lecturers, associate professors and senior lecturers that work at least 50% of full time are covered by the promotion schemes. Leave of absence from the position at UiO is no hindrance for applying for competence promotion.
  • Associate professors appointed or a fixed term under «innsteg» conditions cannot apply for promotion.
  • A researcher SKO 1109 and 1110 may apply for promotion to researcher 1183 according to a separate promotion scheme.

Job categories that can apply for promotion to a doctoral research fellow/associate professor/senior lecturer are:

  • SKO 1010 lecturer
  • SKO 1009 university lecturer
  • SKO 1199 university librarian
  • SKO 1108 researcher
  • SKO 1017/SKO 1378 doctoral research fellow
  • SKO 1020 research assistant

How to apply for promotion

Application deadline and date the promotion takes effect

Application deadline Date the promotion takes effect Retention period for renewed application
SKO 1011 associate professor to SKO 1013 professor
- applications that require assessment

Faculties/museums decide on a regular yearly application
deadline or on a continuous processing of applications.

  • Units with regular yearly deadlines:
    • JUS: 15 September
    • MN: 15 September
    • SV: 15 September (for applicants without a
      competence declaration)
    • NHM: 15 September
  • Units with continuous processing of applications:
    HF, MED, OD, TF, UVSV (for applicants with a
    competence declaration), KHM
15 September 2 years
SKO 1011 associate professor to SKO 1013 professor
- applications that don't require assessment
No deadline Date the application is received 2 years
SKO 1109/1110 researcher to SKO 1183 researcher
1 May 1 May 2 years
SKO 1198 senior lecturer to SKO 1532 professor (dosent)
No deadline Date the application is received 2 years
SKO 1009 lecturer to SKO 1011 associate professor or SKO 1198 senior lecturer
Note: Applicants who have been granted promotion to one of these two position codes cannot apply for transfer to the other position code later on.
No deadline First day of the month after submission of application or upon commencement of position. First day of the month after submission of doctoral thesis for promotion based on achieved doctorate. Applications may be submitted after achieved doctorate. 2 years
Promotion to SKO 1109 researcher
No deadline Date the application is received 1 year from the announcement of rejection


  • Tenured associate professors with at least a 50 % post that have an unanimous declaration of undoubted competence as professor I by UiO in the six years prior to the application date, may be granted promotion by UiO, represented by the faculty, museum or centre, without any new assessment. The regulations allow for exceptions from this main rule inasmuch as UiO may decide that also assessments by other institutions can form the basis of a competence promotion, cf. guidelines for UiO (Norwegian). It is not possible to accept individual applications from other institutions; either all applications from a specific other institution must be accepted or none. 
  • Other applicants are assessed by assessment committees at the faculties.
  • The rules concerning promotion to researcher SKO 1183 (Norwegian) and a docent ( (Norwegian) are with regard to procedures to a large extent the same as the rules concerning promotion to a professorship ( (Norwegian). For application deadline for researcher SKO 1183 cf. table above.

Promotion to a doctoral research fellow/associate professor/senior lecturer

Pay grade

  • When promoted, the employee is basically placed on the lowest pay grade for the job, but is in any case ensured two pay grades above the pay grade of his/her previous job.
  • There is an opportunity for pay adjustments on an individual basis in the case of promotions to the position of professor or researcher.
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