Language and culture courses

Overview of Norwegian and English language and culture courses available to international researchers and accompanying spouses/partners at UiO.

Norwegian language courses

  • UiO offers different types and levels of Norwegian language courses catering to the various needs of its international community, including partners/spouses of international researchers and employees. The overview below presents the courses' key features and provides links to more detailed information.
  • All courses are offered at a fee. Check with your host department whether sponsorship is available. Please be aware that it is at the department's discretion how to handle this issue. Therefore, conditions will vary throughout the University.
  • If your budget is tight or if you prefer alternative or self-study options of learning a new language, check out the online resources listed on the webpage preparing for a new language.
  • Note: To benefit from language courses it is essential to attend all class hours and to spend the necessary time on group work and on written homework.

Short Norwegian courses for international researchers at UiO and accompanying spouses/partners (NORIR)

  • Target group: International researchers and employees at UiO, accompanying spouses/partners and other working professionals already established in the Oslo area with an ambition to use Norwegian in everyday life and basic work situations, e.g. read time tables, instructions, newspapers, e-mails and take part in conversations and meetings.
  • Levels: 1-5
  • Duration: levels 1 & 2: 8 weeks, 3 hours once a week, i.e. 24 class hours; levels 3, 4 & 5: 8 weeks, 2 hours once a week, i.e. 16 hours
  • Maximum number of participants: 25
  • Course fee:
    • Levels 1 & 2
      • NOK 3 300 for researchers and employed spouses/partners
      • NOK 1 750 for unemployed spouses/partners
      • NOK 4 100 for external researchers
    • Levels 3, 4 & 5:
      • NOK 2 800 for researchers and spouses/partners
      • NOK 3 400 for external researchers
  • Application deadline: On-going enrolement according to availability
  • Course start: February, April, September, November
  • Note: Course participants must be able to speak English. Courses are not for credit and do not include a final exam.
  • Offering unit: International Summer School
  • Detailed information and course schedule

Norwegian for academics (NORA)

  • Target group: Students who meet the basic entrance requirements for higher level education in Norway (GSK), but lack Norwegian language competency. Academic and Administrativ staff at the UiO may also apply for this course.
  • Levels: 1-4
  • Duration: 14 weeks, 3 (4) hours twice a week, i.e. 84 (112) class hours
  • Maximum number of participants: 25
  • Course fee:
    • UiO staff: Levels 1, 2 & 4 NOK 8.500, Level 3 NOK 9.500
    • All other students: Levels 1, 2 & 4 NOK 11.900, Level 3 NOK 14.000
  • Application deadline: 15 May for the fall semester, November 15th for the spring semester
  • Course start: January and August
  • Note: Participants admitted to the courses must pay the semester fee and register as student within the given deadlines. Regular attendance in these courses is expected of all participants. The courses provide ECTS credits. The exam for Level 3 (NORA0130) fulfills the basic requirements in Norwegian for admission to higher education. This exam is equivalent to the Bergen Test (Bergenstesten).
  • Offering unit: International Summer School
  • Detailed information and course schedule

Intensive Norwegian courses for international academics in the summer (ISS)

  • Target group: International academics with an ambition to acquire comprehensive Norwegian language skills in a short period of time.
  • Levels: 1-4
  • Duration: 6 weeks, 3 hours five days a week, i.e. 78 class hours
  • Maximum number of participants: 25
  • Course fee: NOK 9.800 (UiO employees: NOK 8.050)
  • Application deadline: 1 March
  • Course start: Last week in June
  • Note: Course attendance is mandatory. Final oral and written examinations. The courses provide ECTS credits. Students are offered a varied and stimulating cultural and social program, including a weekend excursion, free of charge.
  • Offering unit: International Summer School
  • Detailed information and course schedule

Norwegian courses offered by other institutions

Check overview

Norwegian culture courses

Norwegian society, cultures and institutions

  • The course provides an introduction to Norwegian society, cultures, public institutions and social services.
  • This course is particularly designed for newcomers to Norway who are required to complete the 300 hours of Norwegian language and social studies as part of their rights and obligations under the Introduction Act.
  • Primarily conducted online, this course serves as the prerequisite for taking Vox’s Test in Social Studies for adult immigrants.
  • Offering unit: International Summer School
  • Detailed information and course schedule

Working with Norwegians

  • The seminar provides a practical insight of what is expected of you in Norway – in a business and social setting. You learn about both the formal code of conduct and the unwritten rules of working in Norway. The Norwegian workplace culture has important elements that are not found in most other western countries, and this may cause misunderstandings and frustration.
  • The seminar is suitable for all international employees who grew up outside Scandinavia, whether you have just arrived in Norway or if you have been here for some time.
  • Offering unit: Euraxess Services
  • Detailed information and course schedule

English language courses

Academic English

The Department of Personnel Support at UiO regularly offers academic employees, including PhD candidates, special courses and workshops focused on different aspects of English proficiency, see course schedule. As a rule, these courses are offered free of charge.

English courses offered by other institutions


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