Welcome to CEES!

This page contains information for all who are new at CEES.

Welcome to CEES! The administration is located in Room 3322 in the Kristine Bonnevie Building (Blindernveien 31). Feel free to contact us if you still have questions after reading through the following information.

Complete the New at CEES form

  • Important: Please complete the New at CEES form (pdf) (word) and return it to cees-post@ibv.uio.no together with a photo of yourself as soon as possible (and within two weeks). If you don’t have a photo, you can get one taken by the administration. [You can skip this if you have already submitted the similar registration form to IBV.]
  • Based on the information you provide you will be added to the Staff List and the New Faces webpage. A personal homepage will be established for long-term guests and employees. You should maintain your homepage yourself. This is done by clicking 'Manage document' at the bottom of the page and signing in using your UiO credentials.


  • Important: It is extremely important to state your affiliation correctly in all of your publications. For CEES members, this means including the information: Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES)Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo (the phrase 'University of Oslo' must appear on the publication). If you want CEES to get credit for your publication, the affiliation must be given as a regular affiliation, not only "Current address..." or similar. If you publish in a lesser-known peer-reviewed journal, please ensure that the journal is recognised at level 1 or 2, using the Database for Statistics and higher Education. Inform the CEES administration if the journal is not recognised.
  • Your research articles must be openly available. Read more about self-archiving in the DUO Research Archive.

Registering scientific activity

  • CRIStin is the national system used by UiO for registering academic activities and results. You must register all of your journal publications, books, book chapters, talks, posters, media contributions, etc., as the information entered into this system is used to generate reports on scientific activity, including information on collaboration (internally, nationally and internationally). If you have any difficulties using Cristin, you can contact the CEES administration.

Internett access and email address

  • Your web account and email [name@ibv.uio.no] at the University of Oslo will be activated by the IT service group upon your arrival. You will have to go there in person and bring your ID. You can read your email in several ways; read more at the page "Email and calendar". For security reasons enabling automatic forwarding of email to external email addresses is strictly forbidden for all UiO employees.

Email lists

  • CEES has several useful email lists. When you get your internal email address you will be added to email lists that will alert you to general CEES information (cees-all), CEES seminar announcements (cees-seminar) and informal/social announcements (fun-sports-and-science). There are other email lists that you may want to join, we therefore highly recommend that you browse the email lists page. As a main rule it will be your @ibv.uio.no-address that has been or will be added to the list. This has the advantage that you can manage all subscriptions yourself.

ID card

  • The CEES administration can advise you on where to pick up your office keys and ID & Access card. If you receive salary from UiO, you can usually pick up your card at the SiO Centre (sio.no) one day after your contracts starts (just bring a passport or other form of identification.) Remember to return the key when your stay at CEES has ended!


  • If you need new computer equipment or similar, contact your project leader first.

Office equipment

  • You can pick up office equipment, like pencils, folders, Post-it notes etc. in the basement. What to do: Go to Innkjøpskontoret (room U-157) and pick up the key for Sentrallageret. Help yourself from the shelves at Sentrallageret. On the desk there will be forms where you have to fill out what you have taken and how many (prices are not necessary). Very important: You must write which project is to pay in the form 111111-222222-333333. Please ask your project manager or the CEES administration to make sure you have the combination of three series of six digits. Sign the form and leave it in the box. Return the key to Innkjøpskontoret.

Door sign

  • The quickest way to get a door sign with your name and photo on it, is to use the template and print it yourself! Get together with you office mate to get his or her photo on the same sign. Template: small sign (most offices) / large sign. Alternatively, ask the administration to make you one.


  • Parking is only permitted in marked parking spaces. The CEES-administration can issue a parking permit for max 1 week. For longer time periodes: Read this. (Long term guests not receiving salary from UiO should the the option "Staff at the SiO or employees at UiO who are unable to log in" mentioned at that page.)

News, seminars and events

Daily coffee break and weekly Happy Hour

  • CEES hosts a daily (Mon-Fri) coffee break at 09:50-10:10 in the CEES lunch room (3313). This is great opportunity to meet with your new colleagues over a free Nespresso coffee. Bring your coffee mug. CEES also hosts Happy Hour, also in the CEES lunch room, most Fridays at 16.00. All are welcome!

You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with:

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