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Welcome to the Department of Geosciences

The Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo is Norway’s widest ranging academic geoscience research environment.

Details from the mosaic floor in the Geology building.

Details from the mosaic floor in the Geology building.

Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen, UiO

About the Department of Geosciences

The Department of Geosciences was formed in 2003 as a merger between the three earth sciences departments: the Geology Department, the Department of Physical Geography and the Department of Geophysics. The merger resulted in the widest ranging earth sciences department in Norway, covering a wide range of disciplines from deep mantle processes to atmospheric sciences.

The Department encompassing four sections (Meteorology and Oceanography, Geography and Hydrology, Geology and Geophysics, Physics of Geological Processes), one Centre of Excellence (Centre of Earth Evolution and Dynamics - CEED), and several centre nodes and ERC grants.

The scientific staff consists of 40 professors and associate professors, in addition to postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, researchers, and the technical staff and administrative personnel, to a total number of 240.

The Department has a administrative unit located mainly in the Geology building. The management is carried out by the Head of Department and the Department Board. In addition there are many commitees and councils.

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Data and IT: IT-Services at the Dep. of Geosciences - A quick introduction for new employees (pdf).

    Organisation, numbers and facts

    Read more about the organisation, sections, and fact and figures and more


    The Department of Geosciences is involved in five study programmes with about 360 students at bachelor and master level, and there are about 90 active PhD students.



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