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Public service seniority

Public service seniority is calculated in accordance with the rules that are stipulated in the salary plan.

  • Public service seniority means service time that is accumulated in positions on the same salary plan and any previous other service that can be credited to this according to more specific rules. The salary plan is an overview of the positions in an occupational group and the position’s salary and advancement rules.
  • The general rule for calculating salary is that all previous public service and private practice that is of significance for the work is credited. Military service, civil service and care service are credited according to specific rules.
  • Only positions in the salary framework receive credited seniority and are subject to advancement according to this principle. For positions in the salary plan where only the lowest and highest salary scale are given, placement in a salary scale within this range will be made according to skills, knowledge and expertise and the requirements of the position. Changes to salary for directly placed positions may only be made during main or local wage settlements.
  • Read more about the Institutional salary policy at UiO
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Published Mar. 23, 2010 9:35 AM - Last modified Jan. 23, 2019 11:41 AM