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Advance for special purposes

The processing of advances is resource-intensive. Therefore, advances are only provided under exceptional circumstances.

How you avoid the need of an advance

  • Ask the supplier to invoice you (Norwegian).
  • Alternatively, pay expenses using your UiO credit card. Submit the form for refunds of expenses as soon as possible, so that the expense is refunded before the credit card payment falls due. Normally, this means that the employee's private finances will not be affected.

General conditions

  • Advances are only provided to persons who are formally employed at UiO.
  • The minimum amount for an advance is NOK 3 000.
  • No advances are approved for entertainment outside working hours (Christmas dinner, summer party or similar), presents and expenses that can be settled using a credit card.
  • A new advance will not be allocated until a previous advance has been settled.

Special purposes that qualify for advances

  • Payment of cash remunerations for studies, surveys, etc.
  • Purchases for which it is not possible to be invoiced



  • Advances are paid in the first and third week of every month, except in July, when payment is only made in the first week. For specific dates, check the payroll schedule.
  • Advances cannot be made out as a cheque.


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