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Advance for travel and special purposes

The processing of advances is resource-intensive. Therefore, advances are only provided under exceptional circumstances.

Travel advance

How you avoid the need of a travel advance

  1. Book your trip through UiO's travel agency.
  2. Pay your trip and your expenses during the trip with your UiO credit card and make use of the agreement of postponed payment.
  3. Submit your travel expenses claim immediately upon your return. Your travel expenses will normally be refunded before your credit card payment comes due.

Travel that qualifies for an advance

  • Trips where a conference fee, hotel or other expenses have been paid by the employee in advance. Note: Such advances cannot be settled until the trip has been completed.
  • Trips to destinations where credit cards cannot be used.

Special purposes

How you avoid the need of an advance

  • Ask the supplier to invoice you (Norwegian).
  • Alternatively, pay expenses using your UiO credit card. Submit the form for refunds of expenses as soon as possible, so that the expense is refunded before the credit card payment falls due. Normally, this means that the employee's private finances will not be affected.

Special purposes that qualify for advances

  • Payment of cash remunerations for studies, surveys, etc.
  • Purchases for which it is not possible to be invoiced



  • Travel advances are disbursed at the earliest 1 month prior to departure.
  • Advances are paid in weekly. Find dates at DFØ.


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