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Registration of sideline jobs (external work) and owner interests

Notification duty

  • The regulations apply in principle to all the employees.
  • However, the notification duty rules pursuant to Section 5 of the regulations apply only to certain groups of employees. See the regulations and guide for more information on the exceptions.
  • If the employee so desires, sideline jobs and owner interests that fall outside the notification duty may also be registered in the self-service portal.

What is a sideline job?

A «sideline job» ("external work" in the self-service portal)is defined as work performed and assignments and offices held in addition to the employee’s ordinary university position, regardless of whether they are paid or not. Work performed through an undertaking or company that is wholly or partly owned by the employee is also considered a sideline job.

Some sideline jobs are not permitted, and some are not permitted without UiO’s approval. If you are wondering whether your sideline job requires approval by UiO, see Section 6 of the regulations.

What is an owner interest?

An “owner interest” is defined as the employee directly or indirectly owning a business, interests in a business, securities or other assets that are suitable for generating income for the employee.

Some owner interests are not permitted, and some are not permitted without UiO’s approval. If you are wondering whether your owner interest requires approval by UiO, see Section 7 of the regulations.

Registration of sideline jobs/external work and owner interests

  • Employees report sideline jobs/external work and/or owner interests through the electronic registration solution in the self-service portal, see: 
  • Registration must take place no later than one month after the start date.
  • Applications are processed as soon as possible, and the employee should be informed of whether approval has been granted or whether further processing is required within a month at the latest.
  • Refusal of any application for whether an employee may undertake or continue with a sideline job or an owner interest may be appealed to the Sideline Jobs and Owner Interests Board, see Section 16 of the regulations.


Registered sideline jobs and owner interests will be made public on the overview of sideline jobs and owner interests. See Section 15 of the regulations for further information on publication.

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