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Booking travel

Before you start booking a business trip, make sure all preparations are in place.

Simple trips

Book via mobile phone or tablet

Egencia has created an app to make booking easy from your mobile phone or tablet: Egencia TripNavigator. Read more about how to download and use the app (Norwegian).

Travel with Ryanair

  • Booking: All Ryanair tickets must be booked in Egencia’s portal using the credit card travel profile. This is because Ryanair does not issue invoices but requires payment by credit card.
  • Check-in: All employees must use  as their e-mail address and their Egencia reference number on when checking in.
  • Travel tracking: Information concerning the originally booked ticket can be tracked in the Egencia travel portal. Ticket changes are made on and cannot be tracked in the travel portal.

Trips with multiple stops

  • To order round trips or intercontinental flights with multiple stops, complete the order form (word) and send it from your UiO email address to Note: For such orders do not use portal!
  • For questions about these trips please contact Egencia travel consultants by:
    • Telephone: +47-51 44 44 38 (office hours: Monday – Friday 07:00 – 18:00; redirect to 24 hour service outside office hours at a service fee of NOK 250)
    • E-mail: (e-mails are followed up during ordinary work hours Monday – Friday 08:00 – 15:00)

Group trips

  • Group travel is travel in which 10 or more persons travel together in a group with the same itinerary.
  • For booking of group travel including only airplane/train travel and/or hotel accommodation contact Egencia Meetings & Events:
  • For booking of group travel including other services than airplane/train travel and/or hotel accommodation check the contract catalogue for the correct provider (log into the catalogue and use the search word «reise»). Examples may be meeting rooms, seminars, local transport, restaurants, sightseeing, theatre tickets, etc.
  • You must create an order in UiO's purchasing management system, and the provider must include the E-number on the invoice. Read more about UiO's procurement routines.
  • The payment method for group travel is a joint invoice, irrespective of which payment method the individual group members have registered in their profile.

Booking hotel only

  • Single hotel bookings are made on Egencia’s portal or through Egencia’s travel consultants. If the hotel is included in one of UiO's framework agreements (log into the catalogue and use the search word «hotellovernatting») you may also book by contacting the hotel directly. UiO's framework agreements only apply to hotels in Norway.
  • If you book by Egencia, your payment method is the one registered on your profile. Standard is credit card.
  • If you order directly with the hotel, an invoice can be sent. In this case, you need to create a booking in UiO’s booking system and the invoice issued by the hotel must include the booking number.

Booking for others

Do you have a travel booker role in the Egencia system?

Staff who book travel on behalf of other UiO employees or guests must require a travel booker role in the Egencia system. You can apply for this role by sending an e-mail to Your application should contain the following:

  1. Personal information about you who shall act as travel booker:
    • Name
    • UiO e-mail address
    • Employee number
    • Mobile phone number (mandatory filed in the travel portal)
  2. Whether you request authorisation for booking for guests and/or UiO employees
  3. The organisational unit ID (6 digits) of the unit(s) for whom you shall act as travel booker

It may take a few days for a travel booker profile to be created. If a travel booking is urgent, you have one-off permission to make the booking without a travel booker profile by contacting Egencia’s travel consultants:

This is how you book for others

Special bookings

  • The guidelines for business travel at UiO stipulate that “the trip must be conducted at the lowest price, albeit so that the travel time is not unreasonably long”. The settings in the portal help safeguard this by showing a red flag when a trip is considered outside the guidelines based on selected criteria.
  • Travel marked with a red flag may be booked in the system, but you must give a reason. The codes used for this are:
    • AC - Selected because of the airline
    • AD - Must travel on this day
    • HL - Selected because of the distance/location
    • HM - Meeting/conference at the hotel
    • HV - No approved hotels available
    • AO/HO - Other

Optimising scheme for flight bookings

As of 22 April, 2019, Egencia has a scheme to optimise the travel process:

  • You book your flight in the usual way through Egencia travel portal.
  • Before departure, Egencia monitors price reductions on flight tickets. If they discover savings opportunities, they will rebook qualified tickets at a cheaper price.
  • After the journey: If you need to change your travel plans or you miss your plane and cannot cancel your flight, Egencia will continue to refund for unused tickets.
  • To learn more about the scheme, read through the frequently asked questions.

Issue date of tickets

Egencia issues tickets as close to departure as possible in accordance with the airline's ticket registration rules on the individual ticket/fare.

See what advantages this has for you.

Egencia’s flight price guarantee – price complaints

  • UiO has a contractual flight price guarantee. This means that Egencia must pay the difference if you can document that Egencia has not offered the cheapest alternative according to specified search criteria.
  • In order to lodge a complaint about the price, follow the procedure for flight price complaints.

Cancellation of tickets

Phone or e-mail Egencia travel booker:

Use of taxi

  • Consider using an electric car instead of a taxi. This is better for the environment and you do not have to register travel expense claims. You can borrow an electric car for travel during working hours via UiO's electric car pool.
  • If you need to take a taxi, some taxi companies provide the option of choosing an environmentally friendly car when booking (electric car/hybrid).
  • Before you order a taxi, remember to check UiO's guidelines for the use of taxi cards, and use the attachment taxi invoice (word) when submitting your travel expense claim.
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