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Procedure for complaints regarding flight prices to Egencia

UiO’s travel agency, Egencia, guarantees that the lowest flight price is always offered according to the conditions under which it operates. If the lowest price is not offered, Egencia will refund the difference if the conditions are otherwise equal.

Check if the price guarantee terms are met

Airfares are continually changing. It is therefore important to make the right comparison before making a claim under the flight price guarantee.

In order to make a claim under the price guarantee you must be able to document a lower offer from another operator under otherwise identical conditions. This means that the information that you gave at the time of booking through Egencia’s web platform must match the search criteria that you used when searching online for a corresponding ticket with the operator with the lower offer.

Note: The price guarantee applies only to trips starting in Norway.

Example 1: Seat reservation and number of pieces of luggage

When booking through Egencia, the price with Norwegian includes seat reservations and two pieces of luggage. If you want to compare the prices with those at, seat reservations and two pieces of luggage must be included in these prices. The additional services included with other airlines can vary, so check that the price includes the same additional services.

Example 2: Number of travellers

Booking comparisons must use the same number of travellers. A price is often requested for more than one traveller when booking through Egencia. A comparison is then made with the same trip online, but only for one person, and the price for one person is often lower. This is because the airlines offer a few cheaper tickets, or because there are not enough tickets available for all travellers in the price comparison.

How to complain about the price

  • Note: Complaints must be sent the same day as the booking was made through Egencia.
  • Specify the booking reference number through Egencia.
  • Take a screen shot of the final price quoted in the booking with the operator offering the lower price.
  • Send a brief complaint and documentation to  
  • Send a copy of the complaint to the Procurement Office:
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