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Whom do you as employee contact about business travel?

  • Approval of travel
  • Approval of use of own car

Manager with budget allocation authority

Booking of simple travel

  • Booking of train trips
  • Booking of complex travel
    (intercontinental trips and round-trips with multiple destinations)
  • Change or cancellation of booked travel
  • Questions about booked travel

Egencia travel agent

Booking of group travel
(10 or more persons)

Egencia Meetings & Events:

Questions about your profile at Egencia

Technical problems with the Egencia online portal

Egencia Support

  •  +47-51 44 44 38

24 hour service


  • +47-51 44 44 38

Note: A fee of NOK 250 is charged when using this service outside office hours 07:00 - 18:00.

Questions about your credit card through UiO

Practical and administrative questions about travel abroad

Damages occured on travels paid with credit card through UiO

  • Acute damages during travel:
    SOS International  +45-70 10 50 50 or +47 67 22 43 00
  • Ordinary damages: Report damage or call +47 67 22 42 22 

Completion and submission of travel expenses claim

Final travel settlement

Reimbursement Group

at the Payroll Office

Questions about the travel agent agreement between UiO and Egencia

Procurement Office: